Sidekick Look-Alike

Both Gizmodo and Engadget posted about a new smartphone from Pantech that looks like a Sidekick on steroids. This thing is loaded with a 3megapixel camera, a DMB receiver (for TV) with TV-out, QVGA screen, PictBridge for printing straight to supported printers, MP3 player with built-in FM transmitter, has a screen that pops-up to a 30 degree angle for easier viewing, and we think it might actually be able to make phone calls too. It’s supposed to be hitting Korea in a month or so, but who knows if we’ll ever see anything like it here in the States.

6 Responses to “Sidekick Look-Alike”


    haha…everyone wants to be like us…o ya…first!

  2. Bemmer Boi Says:

    That would be a good alterNATIVE iF IT HAD A QWErtY keyboard

  3. anthonyjta Says:

    PUBLICxENEMY on September 15, 2006 at 3:28 pm said:

    haha…everyone wants to be like us…o ya…first!

    no I… I just got rid of my sk3.

  4. trash Says:

    svabodu belarusii

    I cogitating it worked out whole, his dam said. Leena ki ukhadi saans thodi shaant huyi tab boli, ha, phalli baar pi svabodu belarusii hun.

  5. yvonne Says:


  6. Anonymous Says:

    kool phones

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