Sidekick LX 2009 / Blade Will Run NetBSD


Wow, here’s a nice shift. Remember all those concerns you guys had about Microsoft switching the Sidekick to *cringe* Windows CE? Well worry no more. The next Sidekick will run the free open source NetBSD operating system. Yes, you read that right. Don’t worry, you won’t have to know how to use the command line to make a phone call, your Sidekick LX 2009 will have the same old Danger User Interface we all know and love.

How do we know this?

– We’ve confirmed this via sources that wish to remain anonymous, but we know that’s not good enough for you guys….

– A job posting (also posted here) looking for “a talented NetBSD software developer interested in helping Danger (a subsidiary of Microsoft) ship the next generation of Danger’s Sidekick platform.” (full text of job description below)

Location: Redmond, WA
Client: Microsoft.
Job Description:

Seeking a talented NetBSD software developer interested in helping Danger (a subsidiary of Microsoft) ship the next generation of Danger’s Sidekick platform. Specifically, we’re looking for NetBSD developers interested in commercializing the NetBSD platform for an embedded mobile computing device, focusing on performance and optimization, bug fixing, and integration with Danger’s higher-level platform code, with an emphasis on kernel and driver support.
– 8+ years of software development experience
– 8+ years experience with C
– Strong understanding of OS concepts (particularly with NetBSD) such as multi-threaded program design and synchronization, processes & memory protection, etc.
– Strong communication skills
– Strong understanding of the NetBSD/GNU software development process and embedded development & debugging techniques
– Deep understanding of NetBSD, including timers, RPC, TCP/IP, etc.
– Experience with ARM processors highly desirable

– A post on a NetBSD mailing list from a Danger employee saying “that Danger is actively and openly working on NetBSD”. Full post:

Subject: Arm support for TI SDP2430, ARM 1136, ARMv6 and ARM VIPT cache
To: None From: Martin Fouts
List: port-arm
Date: 09/25/2007 12:46:40

I’ve just attempted to send-pr a patch that adds support to release-4 for the TI SDP2430 evaluation board, the ARM 1136 processor core, ARM V6 cache support and VIPT support for ARM.

The work represents the effort of Matt Thomas and Cliff Neighbors of 3AM Software Foundry for Danger, Inc. as well the efforts of many people at Danger, including Marty Fouts, Todd Poynor, Ken Sumrall and others. It builds on the previous OMAP port to NetBSD submitted by “Picovex” containing the port to OMAP by Scott Anderson and others at Danger.

Matt Thomas is currently committing the changes to the matt-armv6 branch.

The port is reasonably stable: It has self-hosted on an NFS mounted file system on the SDP2430 board.

Now that Danger is actively and openly working on NetBSD, we will be making some of our other drivers and ports available to the community as they become stable.

– There’s also this post about porting yaffs (Yet Another Flash File System) to the NetBSD/Sidekick.

’nuff said.

82 Responses to “Sidekick LX 2009 / Blade Will Run NetBSD”

  1. shelly Says:

    Joe your an ***Hole .
    First of all you think u the S****
    U aint no everything you dumb s**** so stop bragging ok
    And you need a Cockk on ur mouth bcause you think you kno everything . Guess what! You aint know anything . So STFUUU ! >:o

  2. Sha Says:

    Everybody down playin the sidekick. Fucc the G1 and iphone. This is a “SIDEKICK” discussion so y are yall even here?… EXACTLY, get a life and find some G1 and iphone blogs and threads to talk on since yall LOVE 2 talk so much. Go be with yall own kind. The sidekicc gets 2 much attention to die off, KNOW THAT! Just cause yall dnt like it, that means nothing, YALL DNT MATTER! I feel every ignorant comment thats made should be ignored cause all ppl want is attention and a reaction out of us “sidekicc users”… so just simply ignore them.

    But I can’t wait til this new sidekicc comes out. I got the brown lx and the tony hawk lx right now.. So im patiently waiting for this 09/blade. I hope the video will record more than just 20 secs…

  3. Xavier Says:

    l0l, its pretty funny talking about a new sidekick when im replying to this v.i.a my sidekick 2008. I wonder what types of features it’ll have and do you think they’ll make a huge last minute improvement and make it touch screen to fit the new “touch screen” era its a good look though. Time to start saving up my money for this!

  4. Xavier Says:

    l0l, its pretty funny talking about a new sidekick when im replying to this v.i.a my sidekick 2008. I wonder what types of features it’ll have and do you think they’ll make a huge last minute improvement and make it touch screen to fit the new “touch screen” era? its a good look though. Time to start saving up my money for this!

  5. Victory Says:

    haha Xavier..its what having a sidekick 2008 will do to you..a double post.



  7. pimpin dick Says:

    I think the sidekick 2009 should b touchscreen

    Shamwow you’ll say wow every f**ken time

  8. Emilee Says:

    Joe is dumb

  9. Robert Says:

    lol this is sweet hopefully it wont freeze anymore when i roam into crappy gsm networks that dont support data services. every other sidekick i had does it. and besides, the price of unlimited data and txting for sidekick has almost doubled, with no improvements, so hopefully this is it.

  10. sidekick stunin on u iphone hoes Says:

    How many fones u kno have their own release party? Not to mention with a list stars & celebs proud to be there & not assamed to show their face.. The sidekick is choosen by many rich azz peeps that could buy whatever fone they want.. Iphone owners jus jealous that their shit aint as popular. Not2mention that all I see is old azz business ppl wit them.. Sidekicks are for popular ppl.. Not wanabees that got nothin better to do with their time then search forums about fones they don’t like.. & then smash us for like em sumthin.. We obviusly don’t give a fuck what u have to say or we would stop usein them on our own & not becuz of ut opinon.. Plus the iphone is jus lame. Its not user friendly, its to hard to use an all touchscreen much eaier with a trackball.. It don’t have a keyboard which is its #1 flaw. Can u open ur fone go2 ur txt message page type a message send it while loadin the live scores from web page, while holdin a 3 conversation on aim give 3responses back to all, while gettin directions, while gettin a live traffic update. All in under a min? Didn’t think so.. Can u use ur fone while drivin? We like our fones for our reasons, don’t talk like ur better than sum1 becuz u have a different opinon. That jus makes u look rly arrogant & stupid. Especially when u on a sidekick site man.

  11. TONY Says:

    i have had every sidekick since the 2… i love my slide and i love the 2008(geko or whatever you wanna call it) ive been wanting to go with the G1 but i was told that it has allot of bugs… but now i wanna go with the 2009. the only thing that im wondering is it as big as a brick like the last lx? or is it slimer and more pocket friendly like the 2008?

  12. marii Says:

    this phone is fucking hot . . . cnt wait . . . 🙂

  13. heppe316 Says:

    Will the new side kick be able to down load straight 2 the phone

  14. heppe316 Says:

    Can the new lkx download online with out plugging in to a computer

  15. prettyqu3y Says:

    tmobile is a rip off they find anything to get ur money that phone isnt even touch scren and watch it be @ least 400 dollars

  16. prettyqu3y Says:


  17. prettyqu3y Says:


  18. DenverRepper Says:

    haha fuck this
    blackberry storm jailbroke baby

  19. laurie Says:

    See what I’ve always liked about my sidekick is that u can throw them, drop them, drop them in the tub and they jus keep goin. U loose it, buy a new one and u get everything back. My room mate has a iphone and dropped it one time the side cracked n came open she went got a new one and lost ur contacts, wtf. Really? Its easy to multi task and I love the shortcuts for everything. Anyone I’ve ever met wit a sidekick argees completely, anyone that never had one always talk shit about them… yea I’ve lost my phone a few times since the first sidekick.

  20. Rachael Says:

    How much will it cost when it 1st comes out?

  21. JoelLa Says:

    How much will it cost when it 1st comes out?

  22. Arnold Says:

    I like my little sk Tony Hawk ^_^ but Can”t Wait for the 09″ I love all the sk”s I remember wen they 1″st came out with the sk 2″ that phone was big” but I loved it lol then the I’d” then the 3″ then the the slide” and then the tony hawk” but I bet the 09 will blow our minds ^_^

  23. bitch im nae Says:

    Ohh i`ve always wanted to do one of these thing`ies =] yay! But anyway……

    Ohkay sooo im`a side kick addict i have had 16 side kicks in my whole 13years of life [what a long time huh?] anyway. I`ve had 11 side kick 3s cause my shit be breaking. I have had 4 side kick lx`s got one stolen broke the others now im dealing w/a 08. Love it but it`s time to upgrade too my new 09. Soo i say fuck a iphone why buy it when i can have my itouch and my side kick. Be bomb. I dropped my 08 in the toilet. Now my bally don’t work but my shit is still up to date know it. But yea…i hate that there so expensive i mean i know im`a get it regardless. But sheesh. I feel bad for you pre paid side kick users and what not because i get my shit free. Or for 130$ heyy nae be on point.

  24. shysha Says:

    Cop that sidekick blade!… I got it and I love it..

  25. wow Says:


  26. anon16 Says:

    Ok u all need 2 shut tha **** up and stop argue n ova sum **** phone!

  27. ms amazinq Says:

    i love the sidekick blade i is mad hot!!!!lol

  28. sidekick luverrrr Says:

    Yea I seriously love my freakin sidekick. I hate ppl with iphones. They always freeze just like any other touch screen phone. When you talk on them you can’t hear crap so you have to scream in the mic. Anyway so I have a 2008 and hopefully I will soon upgrade to the 2009. Oh yea and I have dropped my phone too(plenty of times) and my phone has never broken. The screen hasn’t even cracked. Yay for sidekicks!!

  29. alice :) Says:

    wow, never knew you americans would get so touchy of a phone 😛
    i mean that with no offence, i think america’s prettty fly,
    and these sidekick phones sound awesome 🙂
    cant wait till they come out in england, i will be one of the first to buy them.
    does anyone have any idea how much they cost?

  30. craZyinthIs Says:

    you mean the new sidekick lx 2009 blade will connect to all networks

  31. jazzy Says:

    is the new sidekick an upgrade or downgrade to my blackberry?

  32. Dyiesha Says:

    Will unlocked sidekicks still work when the Danger service is cut??

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