Sidekick LX Available to T-Mobile Customers

Sidekick LX Midnight Blue

The Sidekick LX has officially hit for current T-Mobile customers. IF you want yours, give Customer Care a call at 1-800-937-8997, or log in to My T-Mobile and click on “Upgrade Phone” in the bottom left. If you’re eligible for an upgrade it will let you select phones. The Sidekick is under the “Handhelds” tab.

– $299.99 with a 2 year contract extension
– $399.99 with no contract extension
– $15 for Express (3 business days) shipping on the phone. Free Express shipping if you order online apparently.
– $9.95 for UPS Ground (7 business days)
– Tracking number is your 10 digit phone number (including dashes)

We grabbed a Midnight Blue Sidekick LX, no contract extension, and Express shipping for a total of $444.86 after tax!

Which one did everyone get?

Don’t forget to get your microSD card for your Sidekick LX!

Thanks to Thomas for processing our order!

165 Responses to “Sidekick LX Available to T-Mobile Customers”

  1. M0NiCA Says:

    Via sidekick….ok I am IN LOVE!!!! Only complaint – flash is blinding!

  2. anthonyjta Says:

    hey Brick Tamblin, what’s up with the caps lock?!

    “I LOVE LAMP”…. I guess it’s a mildly retarded thing.

  3. OlDSkOOlSONN.NYC Says:

    that phone is bombb ass. def getting mine when it comes in mostly all the local t-mobile stores. its slick as f*ck. they def shoulda put a better camera like every1 saying. im pissed about that.

    heyy is any one really sure if theres going to be an ota update and for dee sidekick lx to play videos sometime soon??

  4. Dangerous Says:

    Does anyone know if the sidekick unlimited plan covers picture messaging as well?

  5. punkhop83 Says:

    anybody have the sklx on the brightest setting and it dims in and out for no reason?

  6. gotTheblueLX Says:

    the sidekick unlimited covers pictures as well

  7. misspriss0987 Says:

    Does anyone know how much it will cost for a LX for a NEW customer. As in someone who is going to be signing their first T-Mobile contract ??

    Thanks !!!

  8. Mr2Sense Says:

    I’m late posting my comment, but I just got my LX 2 days ago for my b’day… Quote “The Sidekick LX is currently the best phone on the planet!” unquote. :)*

  9. redstrwbrry Says:

    gotTheblueLX on October 20, 2007 at 10:36 pm said:

    the sidekick unlimited covers pictures as well

    It doesn’t seem to work for me. When I go and try to send picture texts I get the message that it cannot be sent. Anyone else have this problem?? And I read somewhere where someone said that tmobile will have a new plan that you will have to switch to in order to send picture texts. Something that you need it to support MMS? Anyone heard of this?? I called tmobile and they were useless. She couldn’t find any information on it at all!

  10. redstrwbrry Says:

    So I guess I answered my own question by searching online. I found this:

    “In addition to changing the price point from $20 to $19.99 (yeah, we’re serious), the company is also set to include unlimited MMS. Sure, it sounds like a feature that should have been added years ago, but keep in mind that the upcoming Sidekick Slide and Sidekick LX are the first handsets in the Sidekick family to be MMS-capable. Any new customers that buy an LX or Slide out of the gate will be automatically placed on the new Sidekick plan, but existing Sidekick users that upgrade devices will have to manually migrate to the new add-on. “

  11. dbarragan10 Says:

    I got the Midnight Blue. I have a question… I read the manual and I saw the step on how to record your own ringtone, however, I still have no idea how to. It says…
    You may have the option to record a new ringtone. Recorded ringtones are saved to the Imported category.

    Record a New Ringtone

    1. From any ringtone selector, select Record New Ringtone.

    2. The Stand By dialog box appears. To begin your recording select the Start Recording button or press the LEFT SHOULDER button.

    3. While recording, you can CANCEL , Pause/Resume , or Stop Recording . When finished, select Stop Recording.

    4. The Recorded dialog box appears. From this dialog box you can review your recording by selecting one of the transport controls: play from beginning, play/pause, reverse fast, fast forward. You can also CANCEL the recording altogether or Re-record .

    5. Once you select Done , you are prompted to name your new ringtone. Type a name in the text field, then select Save .

    6. You can now select this new ringtone from any of the ringtone selectors in any of the applications. Look for your new ringtone in the Imported category.

    Note: If you already have 10 ringtones in your Imported category, then you will be prompted to discard one of your existing imported ringtones.

    First of all… what’s the ringtone selector? Can anyone help me figure it out. Thank you.

  12. sklx.nerd Says:

    da lx isz kinduh light doe lol i wusz tryin it out in disz store i want wun so bad!

  13. tyler Says:

    Ya I got blue and it happend 2 me. I called customer care and they said to keep the battery and the sim card out for 24 hrs. It works

  14. aneesa Says:

    i cant wait to get mine i order mines on saturday. for only $216…gettin it on april 1st…

  15. Max Says:

    I cant wait to get mine this week!! got it for free with new 2 year contract!

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