Sidekick LX Brown Photos

eBay user ‘igotsickkicks’ has gotten their hands on a Brown Sidekick LX and has it up for sale. The Brown Sidekick doesn’t look half bad in his photos really.

View the eBay Auction

11 Responses to “Sidekick LX Brown Photos”

  1. koloheboy Says:

    dang, wonder how this guy got 2 of them? must have either rob the trailer or something and he’s going to get more per his FAQ

  2. koloheboy Says:

    How the heck he got his hands on them LX’s.. So jelous.. he might have rig the trailer or something lol

  3. Money.Cartel Says:

    man I hope the keypad isnt like the SKII those keypads tore up easily and bent up and warped

  4. Ryan Yo Says:

    the ‘s’ on my sk 2 broke one time and T-mob replaced it so im not worried.

  5. Ryan Yo Says:

    and dangit…i just cant decide between brown or blue. im hoping the store i go to only has one color so i wont have to decide.

  6. kur5e Says:

    same here i dont know what color to get blue or brown its fuken hard but im saying more the brown cause it looks more luxory and the back has like a leather look and brown goes real good with leather….but whatever they have is what i have to get

  7. dbla921 Says:

    Has anyone confirmed with a T-Mobile store that they will be doing upgrades on the 17th?!?!??! Do we know if that’s true or just a rumor?!?!

  8. Ryan Yo Says:

    shut up.

  9. thatsoup Says:

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  10. dmitchell Says:

    Man the sidekick lx brown is tight yo
    i mainly like the color and the way it twitses

  11. Anonymous Says:

    i thnik the sidekike is the best phine evere invented

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