Sidekick LX OS Walkthrough

The Boy Genius seems to be having a good time with their Sidekick LX. They’ve posted a gallery of OS screenshots, along with some new information.

Believe it or not, the shots we’re showing you actually look better on the device than they will here on your computer monitor (for the most part).

Also stated in the comments from BGR when asked about the Messaging limit and charging, they go on to say

Text messaging limit is still 100, but it looks like you can also save 30 messages on your memory card? It does charge via miniUSB cable, and the browser more or less is the same, but maybe a little quicker…

Only 22 more days…

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

Read More via Boy Genius Report

10 Responses to “Sidekick LX OS Walkthrough”

  1. Ryan Yo Says:

    22 days and counting

  2. Snkr x Frkr Says:

    what i want to know is if we can still put our own themes on the Lx as we could with the sk3

  3. dumbstart Says:

    About the themes question…Danger released the latest version of the SDK for the hiptop and an updated Simulator (which allows you to test your software on your computer in a simulated hiptop) which supports 4.0 (the Slide) and 4.4 (the LX) and after testing both of them were able to display themes.

    I posted a shot on my website at

    What’s nice is how it stretches the background image to fill the space on the larger screen of the LX.

  4. sdk4fiend Says:

    Ok is cool dat I can charge my sdk on da pc using usb cord dats a plus but the themes are super important for me so if I couldn’t upload them 2 da lx ill be mad thanx for da info 21 days 2 go!

  5. musician Says:

    ok i am not getting a answer abt this is sidekick lx going to take a 4gb micro sd card or it will only be compatible with 2gb one like sidekick 3 hope somebody have a answer with a valid source

  6. hamilton Says:

    I got tolld it can hold up2 4 gb memory card. But myt b wronge

  7. dondatta89 Says:

    I already have a contract wit my sk 3….so on the 17th…how much will I have to pay?

  8. Ryan Yo Says:

    Flashing lights and same lame tones.

  9. sweetspice1014 Says:

    I live in LA, CA so I’m gettin mine in 13 days…. I’m glad that we can still load themes in the kick…

  10. Anonymous Says:


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