Sidekick LX OTA is official

We’ve been saying it for months and months, but T-Mobile has finally put out the official confirmation in their press release yesterday. The Sidekick LX is getting a video OTA. In case you missed it in the press release about the Tony Hawk Limited Edition Sidekick LX, here’s the snippet:

This summer, all Sidekick LX customers will receive an over-the-air update that includes the new functionality that is integrated in the T-Mobile Sidekick LX Tony Hawk Edition, such as video recording and playback ability, an alarm clock, stereo Bluetooth support, and Bluetooth file transfer support.

Rumors flying around are that it’s going to drop on July 15th, which makes sense.

24 Responses to “Sidekick LX OTA is official”

  1. eddieskankface Says:

    Finally! 😀 I wonder how this upgrade is going to affect the phone as a whole; like, do you think it’ll make it lag behind, or run slower?

  2. thatsoup Says:

    What, still no cat remote app?

  3. traicerx Says:

    eddieskankface on June 6, 2008 at 1:26 pm said:

    Finally! 😀 I wonder how this upgrade is going to affect the phone as a whole; like, do you think it’ll make it lag behind, or run slower?

    thats a good question, im sure its gonna lag a bit since its not a really fast phone

  4. yoo Says:

    Wtf is this? I paid $4.99 for Time Traveler and now they got an OTA for an alarm clock…???

  5. Bearmon Says:

    I can’t wait for it. Anyway, I don’t care about the phone because I am deaf so I am fine with text message and i711 relay service. 😛

  6. daretobe Says:

    i’ve never doubted this website

    you guys are awesome! and i really want the Tony Hawk Sidekick!!

  7. Bones15 Says:

    Thanks guys!! Shoot I can’t wait any longer! :'(

  8. lala Says:

    Haha finally an alarm clock since the ota is gonna be the new features thts gonna be on the tony hawk ill pass this one and wait for the new sk at least i got the blue sk lx since i wont be missin nuthin from this sk lx to the tony hawk 1

  9. eggy Says:

    what about slide users? do we get an update?

  10. Bearmon Says:

    What is bluetooth file transfer ? I don’t understand this one at all.

  11. thatsoup Says:

    Bluetooth file transfer will allow you to transfer files from or to your LX with another bluetooth enabled device. Basically, you should be able to wirelessly send a video or picture to a printer, computer or other handheld, if the other device has bluetooth and the ability to transfer files.

  12. eggy Says:

    Is the Sidekick Slide getting an update?

  13. christian_acosta101 Says:

    I hope the gekko/aspen will get this 2 !

  14. Bearmon Says:



    I hope they will ota update .avi, webcam and increase internet’s speed too because the internet speed is slow

  15. thatsoup Says:

    @ Bearmon
    You are welcome.

    I don’t think there will be any noticable speed increases to the internet services, until they release a 3G device. I also doubt that there wil be live video streaming (webcam) until there is a 3G device, and that service would probably mean an increase in service costs because of how much bandwidth a live video stream takes.

  16. Bearmon Says:

    Ahh, I see. Do you think they will be a 3G device in the near future ? I hope so.

  17. ncmacasl Says:

    There IS an update to the WEB BROWSER. Can’t wait for more details.

    Apparently it will become more iPhone-ish. We will see websites in TRUE webfashion and then can zoom in more or go back to the old (current) method.

    Also ability to save web-pics to our SK Photo Album

  18. Treckless09 Says:

    when are we suppose 2 get the web browser update or is it just going 2 be in the next device??

  19. SwollenThumbs Says:

    You can already save pics from your web browser. Just shift menu and p all at the same pic. Just remember the pics has to be just the pic if not you’ll save a pic of the whole page.

  20. Bearmon Says:


    I don’t think it is going to be in the next device. Correct me if I am wrong but I am sure that web browser update will be for SideKick LX soon.

  21. beebo Says:

    great. i just bought the freaking alarm clock app too. of course its gonna be free now, after i spend money on it.

  22. Bearmon Says:

    Maybe you should call them for a refund since it is going to free, perhaps ? I hope they give you a refund because it is unfair.

  23. juice216 Says:

    But is the sidekick slide going to get an update, and if not can I trade it in for a sidekick lx?

  24. ali123 Says:

    I try almost everything but I still did not get my update
    Can anybody help me
    I want that update

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