Sidekicks in Canada next year?

TMobile Canada

The Boy Genius Report received a tip that Deutsche Telekom (aka T-Mobile) might be spreading its reach into Canada sometime in the future. This is totally in the rumor category, so take it with a grain of salt of course. Here’s what they’re reporting:

* Deutsche Telekom has been pre-approved for a financing and protocol agreement which will allow them to introduce T-Mobile to the Canadian market (subject to restrictions in all provinces except Ontario during a 6, 12 and 18 month trial period that expires in 2010), and also pre-approves them for testing roaming, cell tower reception and international data agreements.
* The person heading up the Canadian division of Deutsche Telekom will be Canadian, in compliance with the Canadian Business Ethics law
* Deutsche Telekom already owns the name T-Mobile in Canada under a US Parent Office international exchange program.
* They plan to launch T-Mobile in Canada in 2009.
* Currently, as we all know, Rogers is the only GSM game in town. With T-Mobile’s entrance into the Canadian market, data rates are going to plummet quickly. DT also plans to introduce an unlimited BlackBerry plan to the Canadaian market to be priced at $75/month. Basically telling Rogers to go screw themselves.
* T-Mobz Canada is set to offer many of the devices we’re used to seeing here in the U.S. like the Sidekick line and T-Mobile’s HTC products. I guess that’s bye bye Fido Sidekicks?

article and image via The Boy Genius Report

10 Responses to “Sidekicks in Canada next year?”

  1. quinn Says:

    i live in canada and went to the us on vacation and wanted to buy the sidekick gekko, the sidekick itself can not be sold with a t mobile plan since there is no t mobile in canada, to get a sidekick in canada you must buy an unlocked sidekick on ebay, buy a SIM card, and pay an outageously expensive fee to rogers or telus to use the sidekick on one of their companys plans. After calling rogers telus and t mobile they said there was no plan of it coming to canada in the next few years 🙁

  2. kaya Says:

    well now there in canada at t-mobile they have been here for a few months and are avalible to t-mobile custumers i was lookign at getting one but unforunatly im with telus and my parents are very strict with changing.. it doesnt look liek ill be getting one anytime soon unless i find one with out a contract 🙁



  4. Anonymous Says:

    so they are selling sidekicks in canada now ?

  5. nens Says:

    don’t see t-mobile yet, I WOULD SO LOVE IF THEY CAME TO CANADA THOUGH!! then i could totally get the sidekick phone i always wanted, I thinks its so bloody retarded that we dont have them here

  6. mariie Says:

    i wish to have a sidekick though…suucks ! it seems complicated to have those phonee omgosh!! are we gunna have those phone in canada ?

  7. anonimus Says:

    why doesnt canada just make a simmaler phone like the sidekick for telus and rogers??? I mean y do the amaricans have to be so greedy >:(
    We should talk to barack obama about this!!!!

  8. anonimus Says:

    today i left a messege on face book for stephen harper and barak obama and we will see wat happens 🙂

  9. Lexii Says:

    i bought a sidekick off ebay and it takes a while to get it activated in canada , but so far it hasnt let me down =]
    but i would very muvh like it if T-mobile did come to Canada ,

  10. Camille Says:

    where are you located in Canada? and do u still have your sidekick? and which model did you buy off of Ebay? once you got it unlocked which service provider were you forced to go with? i would like to use Bell. Also do you have any problems with internet usage? as per other forums have told me this?

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