SKiD Marks at CTIA 2007

Looks like someone might be in some hot water over at UT Starcom after a banner was put up by their booth with a larger than life Sidekick iD. Of course the device hasn’t been officially launched yet, and T-Mobile probably wasn’t happy that someone was jumping the gun on their marketing. I can just imagine the conversation at the UT Starcom booth:

“Why is this banner up? This isn’t supposed to be up yet, it’s not official!”
“Oh @!#$ Should we take it down?”
“No, that would be too obvious that we’re trying to hide something. Let’s just spraypaint over the ‘iD’ parts”

Yes, with a can of black spray paint they covered up the ‘iD’ name and the buttons, leaving the familiar screen and keyboard. This led the boys over at Gizmodo to speculate that the keyboard and the screen will be the same. Keyboard, yes. Screen, no. They’re going with a lower quality screen to help keep costs down.

Thanks to Gizmodo for the photos and everyone who emailed this one in.

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