Some Truth To The Sidekick 3

via Gizmodo

Ever since that god-awful leaked picture has come out, we’ve heard countless rumors about the Sidekick 3 from T-Mobile. We actually have some real news from an insider at T-mobile who has the scoop. The Sidekick 3 will NOT be running Windows Mobile at all, so get that out of your heads. Also, if you were holding back on getting a Sidekick II until the 3 comes out, you’re not in luck. The Sidekick 3 won’t be released at all in 2005, so keep your eyes peeled in 2006 for it. We’ll let you know more details when they come.

One Response to “Some Truth To The Sidekick 3”

  1. christian Says:

    hank u i needid to no somthin cuz i was guna trade my sidekick in foe the 3rd one

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