SonicBOOM screenshot

Yes, SonicBOOM is the mp3 player, how about a screenshot of it? Here’s a screenshot of the SonicBOOM app with the mini player window open. This mini player will be accessible from any application by hitting the Jump and the Done buttons.

34 Responses to “SonicBOOM screenshot”

  1. SMASH Says:

    oh geeze…this makes me excited….

    to get my sidekick2 i sold my ipod haha so i am very happy it has a music player

    (P.S. fisrt)

  2. ilikeeggs Says:

    I’m 1st!!!!!wohooo!!!! On it says that its not called sonicBOOM and theysayd the are 100 percent sure what dumbshits take that!!!! Don’t ever belive them

  3. monday20 Says:

    1st hahahhaha but i noticed thiers no edge sing still gps wut wit dat

  4. Woahh Says:

    First! Wow looks nice. Can’t wait >:D

  5. Ya Boy B Says:

    I dont know what to say about this, it looks real but at the same time it doesnt..what does everyone else think?

    If its real, I personally think the colors are ugly…and the layout is just ugly…that’s just my opinion.

  6. djdarkx Says:

    It’s fake. Nice photoshop job though.

  7. pnyluv Says:

    definitely fake. i dont think hiptop developers would actually consider such a messy design and layout.


    SonicBOOM how akward and random is that name but w/e the sk3 needs to hurry and come out.! lol

  9. aznxmoney Says:

    sonicboom interface is ugly.. with all the screenshots of the sk3’s interface, it looks like its gonna be the exact same low resolution as sk2, which is dissapointing. besides edge, mp3 player, track ball, bluetooth, it just doesnt seem much of an upgrade. even with edge, u might have to pay a higher price for unlmtd data. like 29.99. lets hope im wrong. anyways.. release date is JULY 10th!. T-mobile employees can refer to the upcoming Merchandising guidelines for June 5 – July 24, which is posted on under Marketing Collateral > Guidelines.

  10. tonightwestorm Says:

    i agree with “Ya Boy B” the color scheme is terrible.
    i’m going with fake.

  11. tonightwestorm Says:


    i love how BSD at the blog spot has been wrong about 10 times now.
    he claims the screen was grey.
    sonic boom was not the name.

    always wrong.

  12. youngeurow Says:

    I really don’t care ne more about these rumors just release the damn phone AND IT BETTER HAVE VIDEO ON IT!

  13. X Says:

    its an mp3 player…. wow u guys su.Ck, who cares what it looks like, and it dont look bad, anyways i hope the sidekick 3 has wifi look that UP

  14. Sidekick III Says:

    haha its funny how the first 8 people said they were first

  15. orlandito_colucci Says:

    jaja yeah haha pple enter there thats where u can put msn messenger on ur mobile phones and yahoo wat ever u want just keep th elink i love it yessssssssss

  16. koloheboy Says:

    Why would you need WIFI? when the sidekick already has internet access???

  17. orlandito_colucci Says:

    ok so byebye its kwl ok byebye so i dont have to wait so much for the hitpop3 cuz thats wat i wanted but anyways i still want the hiptop3 for the music and all th enew stuffff

  18. mistergoodman Says:

    I think that has posted so much nonsense and fake news that feels they have to start posting fake news of their own. No way a hiptop app looks like that. And frankly, I don’t buy the SonicBOOM name either. In fact, I suspect that for once blogspot got it right and its just called Music Player.

  19. BritBrat version 666 Says:

    it doesnt look overly awesome or anything, but it’s an improvemt from NOTHING and I’m sure it’ll kick asssss :]

  20. TheInsider Says:

    did you guys notice it have the symbol buttons of the bumpers?

  21. lubberts Says:

    didn’t i read somewhere that the new sidekick 3 will not have the bumpers, and therefore not have the top and bottom buttons? if i remembered that correctly then this is most definitely a fake. the next and previous buttons on that image are displayed with the (- and -) shortcut symbols. also, the fact that the data service status is listed as gprs and not edge leads me to beleive that this was photo-shopped, or perhaps is some sort of program that a developer created but that was never widely released. my money is on the former. what do you think?


    does the shoulder buttons still exist on the sk3?? I see the ? ? icons on this new pic.

  23. Jeph Says:

    If looks could kill. . . .

  24. newyorkcityholic Says:

    anyone know if the sk3 is gonna be avbailable for prepaid???

  25. pandemic Says:

    i dont like the interface. looks too much like the old one.

  26. lokpaso Says:

    LOL the pic on sidekick3blogspot has the watermark!!!! BSD sucks @$$

  27. Woahh Says:

    lokpaso Says:

    LOL the pic on sidekick3blogspot has the watermark!!!! BSD sucks @$$

    What’s worse is that they don’t even give this website credit for finding it.

  28. FutrExec01 Says:

    finishing Jeph’s quote…”if looks could kill….then this is quite the saint”

  29. Sidekickchik Says:

    thats hot!

  30. Andy Says:

    I am sorry for all the people who thinks that this is the real look of the MP3 software in the sidekick3 but that is definitely not. The picture you see is not photoshoped either. It was made with the developer software from Danger. It is so simple to make all of that just in the designer mode. Also the website has a new picture of “Hiptunes” version, also made up with the sdk from danger.

  31. FutrExec01 Says:

    given the screens resolution what could we expect? an exact replica of windows media player? yeah right…

  32. kimberkenobi Says:

    For all those who got over zealous when it came to this “screen shot,” you can checkout the user manual at the following website (qued up to the “mini music player” section and weep.

    Have fun… The SK3 is gonna be here for my birthday!

  33. My MP3 Player Says:

    My MP3 Player

    The difference in the terms is where they place the emphasis. There

  34. Anonymous Says:

    ilikeeggs on June 1, 2006 at 1:35 pm said:

    I’m 1st!!!!!wohooo!!!! On it says that its not called sonicBOOM and theysayd the are 100 percent sure what dumbshits take that!!!! Don’t ever belive them

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