T-Mobile Email Spam Cleaner

Anyone that has an @tmail.com more than likely has received some spam (or else you’re very lucky). With the Sidekicks there is currently no support for filtering so most of the time it’s just a daily delete of spam. There weren’t many solutions to this problem currently other than “put up with it” or “tell T-Mobile to change your email address”. But now, thanks to Troy Phillips there is a new fix to the spam epidemic on the Sidekick.

Troy has written an application that basically logs into your TMail account and filters the email for you based on a few pre-set rules, a whitelist (email addresses to always accept from), and a blacklist (email addresses to reject). It won’t wipe anything out completely, it will just drop it in the Trash where you can periodically go in and check to see if anything accidentally got tagged as spam. It’s a bit of a hack, and might not be something for the “non-techie” Sidekick users, but at least it’s something while we wait for Danger to implement spam filtering.

More info and download at https://sidekick.troyphillips.com/

4 Responses to “T-Mobile Email Spam Cleaner”

  1. s4xton Says:


  2. keegan3388 Says:

    ive never gotten a spam email on my sidekick?

  3. ghettoboi682 Says:

    This has been on the forums for a while now.

    I wouldn’t trust it.

    The sidekick HAS a junk mail folder in all the manuals, but i guess t-mobile thinks it is pointless.

    Oh well. I’m done sticking up for them.

  4. xONWARDtoVICTORYx Says:

    I’m bummed out cause the program doesn’t run for mac os’s. Or I don’t think anyway.

    Can you eally change your tmail??? This dude told me I couldn’t!

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