T-Mobile MDA Available

We’re hearing reports that T-Mobile is actually handing out the MDA now. For the impatient and fed-up, this looks like an alternative to the Sidekick III. For some of us, it’s probably going to be a long and painful wait for the cat remote while we watch our friends play with a new device. Anyone out there pick up an MDA? How is it? Let us know.

67 Responses to “T-Mobile MDA Available”

  1. melissa Says:


  2. melissa sandoval Says:

    i want know many money that sidekick3 pls tell me now oky aii

  3. Andy Says:

    alrededor de $300 dolares
    Around $300 dollars

  4. Mad Bill Says:

    Corporate white guy here.

    Used an SK2 for 14 months, Outlook Web Access to get to Exchange mail, and generally loved it. Bought an MDA last Friday, and I’m returning it tomorrow. Aaargh, what was I thinking?

    The bad
    – Camera is waaay to slow, like 3-4 seconds after you push the button
    – Random reboots
    – AIM client sucks eggs. Period. And there are no good downloadable ones.
    – Slooooooooow
    – Takes like 2 or 3 hands to operate it. I can do my SK2 with 1 hand while driving
    – Keeps rolfing all over its own shoes when it tries to sync
    – Built-in browser is wonky

    The good
    – I was using it to VNC into my Mac at home from the other room. Cute technology play, but useless in retrospect.
    – RDC into my Windows laptop. Ditto on the retrospect.
    – Hotspot access included in the base price.

    What was I thinking? Now they say it might take 24-72 hours for my SK2 to reconnect to GPRS. I’m on friggin pins and needles.

  5. yahd1g Says:

    no i just got a new sidekick and i have insurance its costs $110

  6. djneptoon Says:

    i owned a mda for one week it was a huge headache. being that i instant message alot the whole instant message expierience with the mda sucked sometimes not recieving an instant message for like 30 minutes.. having testeing it myself sometimes it took longer.. and having to refresh my instant messenger was a total pain in the ass.. dont get me wrong the features were awesome on the phone.. only if the service was a little more like danger.. so anyhow went back to my sidekick 2 after a week of mda stress. damn it was a relief to get my service back.. i mean $92.00 a month would have been worth it if the phone actually worked like it should have.. oh ya and being in the middle of browsing the phone would ring then the damn thing would freeze.. what kind of shit is that.. and when i would leave the phone in hibernate mode it would pop on and say storage device insterted would you like to load library.. bugs all up in that shit.. could have been the fact that it was running on windows.. but overall all those features on the mda couldnt add up to the service i get on my sidekick.. phones are for communication weather its text instant message or to talk. and if it takes 40 minutes to get a instant message then what good is the damn thing.. not to good.. the side kick is almost instant when it comes to instant messaging hints the word instant.. so stay away from the mda waitfor a sidekick 3 or but a sidekick 2 maybe you can find a used one somewhere for cheap..

  7. egojab Says:

    I have been a strictly danger user for the past 2.5 years. While I enjoyed many things about the SK and the SKII, I got rid of my SKII last week for an MDA. Everyone has there perks/problems with every phone. You won’t find one that will please everyone. Just my $.02. Anyway, my major problems with the SKII were the lack of mp3, video, nad the extreme bias towards “urban” lifestyle in the ringtone selection. Apps were nonexistent, and I personally had some frequent connection issues (carrier problem not phone) at my house. The MDA fixes all those problems for me, if I cannot connect by GPRS I have WiFi, which is available almost everywhere I spend any amount of time. The push email feature of the SKII was nice, but now TMo has that set up for the MDA as well (well a version of it, it seems to work pretty good). The IM problem a lot of people have talked about with the MDA was solved for me with a simple switch to a new/better IM client, you don’t have the luxury of options with the SK, you get what they give you, and you wait and whine and moan hoping they’ll give you what you want. All in all, in my humble opinion, the SKII was cool, I’m sure the SKIII will be as well, but they did not follow through on a lot user requests from CSK to SKII I fear they will do the same with SKIII, I’m older and wiser now, the MDA is more of what I need, and less of what I don’t.

  8. Minh Says:

    + comparing any pocket pc phone to a sidekick is like comparing apples and oranges

    + a sidekick is a phone. nothing more, nothing less. it has an integrated keyboard and runs a simple phone OS. it is not smart in any way.

    + pocket pc phones are just that. pocket pc/pda first, phone second.

    + the mda is more complicated. DUH. its not a sidekick replacement or competitor. it actually runs an OS that is customizable and there is a lot of software available for it.

    + for those of you who think there is nothing “fun” on the mda. have you installed any software? what can you do on the sidekick that is “fun” besides flip the screen open? when you get your computer, are there any games or anything else pre-installed to provide you with “fun”? i can watch movies in full screen, play mp3s and music, play games and emulators, browse web with REAL html browsers, chat, control my home computer, etc. i’ll ask again, what’s so fun about a sidekick?

    + yes the default tmobile usa rom for the MDA sucks balls. it’s old. it’s slow. tmobile loads up a bunch of crap on the mda just like dell preloads a bunch of crap on their computers straight out of the box. update the rom to the new AKU2 releases and it will be fast, stable, and support push email. you can safely overclock your processor a bit also and it is very responsive.

    + yes the default messaging client provided by tmobile sucks. it is sms based so that they can charge for messaging. use a different client such as agile messenger 3 and it works awesome – just as good as the client on the sidekick.

    i am in no way bashing the sidekicks. they are phones, they are simple, and they do what is advertised. however, they have nothing in common with the mda or any other pocket pc device besides a built in keyboard. this should not even be a discussion.

  9. scottie Says:

    the mda is a great phone it makes u feel like u a business man or woman this phone has set the tone for other phones i dont think the sidekick3 can compare because its not goin to have mobile word or wi-fi or power point the email action is nice and most of all the phone has windows media so i can honestly say that the sidekick3 is only for show and the name got it to where it is today!!!

  10. m Says:


  11. Josh Highland Says:

    I love My MDA so much that I created a website about hacking / modifying / tweaking it. https://www.mdaTweak.com

    The MDA is flat out a better phone then the sidekick. I can play nintendo games on my MDA! Lets see your sidekick do that.

  12. wow....... Says:

    guess you guys who dislike the MDA don’tlike customizing ur own phone. thats whatt MDA allows u to do.

    Internet connection? my internet is always on. because i customized it to be. Got any song I want as a ringtone. Watching movies. Any picture as my background. What’s so busines-like about that. So it’s more fun for person A with the SK2 texting and surfing than for person B who has the option of texting, surfing, listening to music or watching movies!?!

    All the things u want on the sidekick 3 and how much u think it’ll be? the SK2 goes for $349.99 while the MDA $399.99. i had a SK2 wheb it first came out and i can’t justify paying that much for somehing that can’t a quarter of what the MDA does. then again the MDA has been selling out.

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  17. m3lissa zayas Says:

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