T-Mobile Sidekick 2008 Press Videos

Want to see some small video clips from T-Mobile about the Sidekick 2008? Most of them are of Ximena from T-Mobile (who’s really cool and I got a chance to meet on the Grammy Tour) talking about why the device is so great (in both English and Spanish), but there are also some generic videos showing off the device. I’m not sure why the one guy playing with his Sidekick looks so nervous. Maybe he doesn’t know how to turn it on? Anyways, enjoy…

Sidekick 2008’s ability to customize

Easy to Design your own Sidekick 2008

Creating Sidekick 2008 Custom Shell

Sidekick 2008 Shells

Playing with his Sidekick 2008 (Why so nervous man?)

Talking about the Sidekick 2008 (in Spanish)
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

2 Responses to “T-Mobile Sidekick 2008 Press Videos”

  1. DUde Says:

    The guy with the sidekick looked like he stole it, he was shaking everywhere =).

  2. dukeandthelady Says:

    AHHH i Want it but still i have one year on m contract and i don’t want to dish out 300 bucks! and plus with this new lx on the way with 3g im kinda excited for it! i would like to have a sidekick with changing styles being that i do buy extra parts for my 3 in different colors. But i hear the colors smear???? can some one PLEASE exlain that. Cause that sounds it would suck :p… so this 3g Lx succecder….. Whats goin on with that has sharp even gotten an FCC stamp yet? maybe the Aspen is that?? God i hope something happens soon!!

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