T-Mobile Sidekick Gecco is coming!

Sidekick Gecco
Sidekick Gecco

We received the above screenshots from a Best Buy employee (they have access to see inventory coming) from their internal tools. Looks like T-Mobile switched around the misspelling of “Gecko” and are calling it the Sidekick Gecco. There’s not a whole lot of details other than the name of the device, the size and weight of the box, and the release date of July 27th that we knew about long ago. Oh wait, what’s that? $299? Is that the price of the Sidekick Gecco? Hmm.. Needless to say, this is exciting and only a couple weeks away!

Big thanks to our anonymous tipster

22 Responses to “T-Mobile Sidekick Gecco is coming!”

  1. hi im Says:

    On a Sunday.
    I wonder what it looks like, regardless I’m going to make sure to stop by the T-Mobile store in the mall or Best Buys end of this month

  2. lala Says:

    Hmm sounds intrestin and i see best buy gonna sell the sidekicks as from what im reading

  3. T0626N Says:

    Hey did anyone notice that T-Mobile slashed the price of the LX? It’s now $199. Doesn’t make that much sense because they kept the price of the Slide the same. I’m guessing that they’ll either make the Slide cheaper or discontinue it when the Gecco comes out.

    Hmm… so at $100 more I wonder what features the new Gecco will have over the LX.

    My wishlist:

    Slimmer Design
    MUCH improved camera (say maybe 3 MP)
    Youtube would be nice
    GPS (maybe thats just wishful thinking)
    Improved OS (current OS is good, but I mean they could make it look more modern, perhaps animated icons)
    A feature that enables the flash to stay on so I can use it as a flashlight instead of the trackball.
    And maybe have it be 3G ready since T-Mobile will have 3G across the US by the end of this year.

    I know it’s not going to be an iPhone killer, but the Sidekick is a better value all around when you consider the rate plans for both phones.

  4. T0626N Says:

    btw do you guys think that this new Sidekick will have any Windows Mobile features?

  5. thegingasunite Says:

    Wow, So the Gecco’s only $299 and the Lx is $100 cheaper! wicked I might finally be able to afford one. But yeah, they probably will discontinue LX’s after the Gecco comes out, Hope they don’t though..

  6. dumbstart Says:

    If you saw the earlier post showing the Sidekick Gekko manual posted then you would know that there is very little to distinguish it from an OTA updated LX. At least in terms of the OS.

  7. Dominica Says:

    And exactly why do we believe that Best Buy will carry this phone? Best Buy only carries Sprint, Verizon and ATT, Only thing T-Mobile that they may carry is T-Mobile Pay-As-You-Go and none of those phones are Sidekick devices or even similar PDA/Smartphone devices.

  8. iamjessica Says:

    this sucks!
    an LX for 200!
    i payed 350
    for mine!
    im also 14.
    and it was my
    im soooo
    but what
    can i do now?


  9. Asphyxiafeeling Says:

    you people are either very dense, or very uninformed.

    a majority of the Gecco’s features have already been revealed; you could’ve easily found this out by exploring HP3 a little more.

    it has a 2MP camera.
    likely the same screen as the LX.
    it’s codenamed as a sucsessor to the ID, so it’s unlikely it’s going to be very “superior” to the LX.
    interchangable plastic covers (like the ID did)
    likely (could be wrong) the exact same OS as the LX will have in a few weeks.

    T0626N, i’m sorry to say this but it’ll probably have none of the features you are asking for.

    furthermore, (maybe a HP3 editor should mention this in their next article) that $299 price tag is probably the UNSUBSIDIZED price. meaning, $299 without a contract. with a contract the price will probably be 100-200$, bringing it’s tag down to the LX-Slide contract price.

    aside from having a 2MP camera, i have doubts (right now) that the Gecco will be “better” then the LX in any way.

  10. bballvixxen Says:

    I think asphyxiafeeling just said it all.

  11. kenesays Says:

    On my sidekick lx, a small pop up bubble in the top right corner appears evey now and again, and it reads theme received. Even though I have not downloaded a theme and there is no new theme listed. Anybody have this happen?

  12. bearika Says:

    only select best buys carry tmobile sidekicks (ID) so perhaps not all best buys will be carrying this phone.

  13. dboog301 Says:

    I bought my LX back in April for $125 (it was in Delaware)….I think only select Best Buys feature the Best Buy mobile programs that give such great deals.

  14. sklvr3 Says:

    I’m just hoping this phone is freakin awesome! I bought the iD and 2 months later the LX came out and I was pissed for buying an iD. I don’t want to make the same mistake again so I hope this phone is as good or better than the LX. If not, then I rather buy the limited edition black LX.

  15. sklvr3 Says:

    so 2 more weeks to see if for real! just hoping its worth it.

  16. iamjessica Says:

    there isnt a limited edition
    black LX.
    its not coming out.
    unless you get it
    customized its not
    being sold.
    it was only a rumor.

  17. iamjessica Says:

    why isnt hiptop3.com
    updating their website
    they useto update
    practically everyday.
    if not a couple times
    a day.
    whenever i go on
    the website its the
    same thing over and
    over again.




  18. thatsoup Says:

    There is an unknown amount of black LXs that have been around since before the LX could have been bought at a store, they were used to test the OS and the hardware.

    @iamjessica, There probably aren’t any updates to the site because there isn’t anything new to update about. All the new features of the OS update for the LX have been covered, the Gecco’s features have been shown to us in a previous post with pictures from the manual.

  19. thatsoup Says:

    @iamjessica, you also don’t have to hit enter when your text reaches the side of the text box, it will automatically wrap back to the other side. It looks like your display text size for the web browser is at it’s highest level, and you are pushing the enter button each time you reach the edge of the box when you are typing. It just makes your comments hard to read.

  20. iamjessica Says:

    that soup,
    i will continue to right
    like this because i want to.
    i really dont care what others
    have to say.
    its my way of writting
    on the web.
    if you dont like it then,
    im sorry.
    but its my way.
    i write normally when i
    do work.
    this is my style of
    writting on the web.

  21. theycallmeviper Says:

    Psh, the gecco isn’t as hot as rumors say.

    The LX is what they call “the phone for the hardcore Sidekickers.”
    (According to a side by side comparison of LX and slide done by wiki.sidekick.com)

    Any new OS’s available will most likely be compatible with LX’s because of how advanced the LX technology is.

    The LX is the phone I’ll stand by, especially with the new OTA upgrade I got two hours ago. Screw gecco. 🙂

  22. best buy t mobile Says:

    best buy t mobile 13
    7 may thursday

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