T-Mobile Sidekick Price Check

Price check on blog post #462… price check on blog post #462.

Just wanted to let you guys know of the current prices for Sidekicks from T-Mobile.

Sidekick 2008: $99.99 on T-MobileCheck eBay

Sidekick LX (Brown): $149.99 on T-MobileCheck eBay for both brown and blue Sidekick LXs

Sidekick LX (Tony Hawk Edition): $199.99 on T-MobileCheck eBay

Sidekick iD: $49.99 on T-MobileCheck eBay

10 Responses to “T-Mobile Sidekick Price Check”

  1. justin Says:

    Are these prices without a plan or with a plan?

  2. Buy a Sidekick Says:

    If you’re looking for a Sidekick on the cheap without having to extend or sign a contract, check out https://www.sidekickshopper.com

  3. shannon Says:

    justin, i believe it’s with the plans.

  4. hiptopboyy Says:

    Im in australia…so all the prices are different, and im confused cuz everything looks so cheap

  5. Anonymous Says:

    i want a sidekick i would like to know the price. as well is what all it offers, the features the types, which company makes it.. all i know about it uptill now is that t mobile makes it.. please can some body reply me. ASAP!

  6. Day Says:

    am de vanzare un sidekick slide cu toate accesoriile incluse (husa, casti, cabluri usb, incarcator etc) plus un card de 4 gb pt el. informatii: id:day_day_dazzz sau nr de tel: 0743463263

  7. kickgirl Says:

    i would like to now the price so that i could buy one pls tell me

  8. kickgirl Says:

    and all the features to i want this phone so much so i would like to know ASAP ill check this 247 pls pls

  9. Mohammed Saeed Says:

    i want a sidekick 2008

  10. Mohammed Saeed Says:

    how to buy?

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