T-Mobile’s UMA goodies!

There have been rumors of TMobile rolling out UMA sometime in the near future. Looks like some pictures of TMobile’s UMA beta test kits have leaked out recently. The kit appears to consist of a UMA enabled phone (Samsung T709) plus a wireless router (DLink or Linksys). So why the heck are we reporting this on here? That’s no Sidekick 3! Remember that old post about the Sidekick roadmap? Here’s the pic:

Notice the Sidekick 3 with UMA? Does this mean the roadmap was an lucky fake or does it give some validity to it? The release of the Sidekick 3 was pretty close (about 2 months) and we all have heard about the Sidekick 3 Razr. Are we just grapsing at false hope here? What we’re wondering is how they’re going to fit anything else in the device without absolutely killing the battery life.

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23 Responses to “T-Mobile’s UMA goodies!”

  1. nYz FLYesT KiD Says:


  2. sidekickurhead Says:


  3. bapesta16 Says:

    wats uma?

  4. kreshendo Says:

    Yes, what will uma do to the sk3?

  5. quawn1024 Says:

    Ok once again…what the f*** is UMA?

  6. OhSoFly Says:

    I had no clue what UMA was either… when i googled it i got this


    From what i red ans was able to understand there, UMA seems useless to me. I rather have animated aim icons.

  7. OhSoFly Says:


  8. n64ssb Says:

    UMA basicaly allows the phone to connect to WIFI hotspots, so anywhere that there is wireless internet, you can browse the internet on your sidekick at broadband speeds. I believe it also allows you to talk through the wifi, although I dont see how it would make the quality better..

  9. b-easy Says:

    its much like the verzion ED-VO network. it offers broadband speed, available threw the network. but since the sidekick still has to send the page request to the network.. and it willl take that time.. is it really worth it tho? i mean its still not gonna be lightning fast. it will load larger pages faster, but one plus is that tmobile can offer services like HBO stuff and weather, news, and music downloads. like V-Cast, so theres a plus. much like cingulars 3G network.

  10. sr24vlz Says:

    is it me or that SK NG umd video looks more like an SK2?

  11. sr24vlz Says:

    sorry, RAZR/music/video/uma

  12. pandemic Says:

    Can the sidekick handle video like HBO and stuff i mean the camera aint all that great but will it be like nicely flowing streaming video?

    And also is 3G where you can see each other and talk to at the same time?

  13. xONWARDtoVICTORYx Says:

    well they better give us some kinda upgrade like they did from sk1 to sk2 cause thats crap.

    im not paying 400 bucks for another dumb phone that doesnt even work that well.

  14. sr24vlz Says:

    Yeah, I agree with onward, it’ll be much better if we, people who already have SK3, get an upgrade instead of making us buy another phone; if its that they make a sk3 video with a better resolution screen, then I guess its resonable but if they’re gonna keep the same thing, they should just include it in the OTA

  15. sr24vlz Says:

    The sidekickrazr will exist,,,,well I’m not 100% sure but a friend of mine has a friend that has it.. She says he works for a distributer that comes straight from tokyo….we r having a bday party and I guess he’s going so I’m gonna be able to see it….. hopefully its not BS…. if its true… ill see if i can take pictures and y’all would be the first ones to know.. The bday is not till the 20th though.. :(…. she told me that the guy said that the only problem with it was that since it was so thin, it overheats a bit

  16. Bemmer Boi Says:

    Is the sidekickrazr the same thing as the sidekick 3 but only thin as the razr cause if it is im not waiting for it i’ll just get the sidekick 3…

  17. sr24vlz Says:

    from what that chick told me, i guess it will be…. i just to wait till the 20th to see if it actually exists….. i think its gona come included with video streaming… bigger bluetooth capacity… to be honest with you…i dont know… like i said, i gotta wait till the 20th to see if its true…either way.. in the roadmap it says its not coming out till Jan 07

  18. Bemmer Boi Says:

    That would be cool, but I think I’ll get the sidekick 3 limited edition if they come out by december 10 because thats when my contract expires with cingular and I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!

  19. sr24vlz Says:

    Yeah, I think the limited should be out by december

  20. Bemmer Boi Says:

    When are you going to post some pics sr24vlz?

  21. sr24vlz Says:

    hey everyone…ive been out of town for a while….update on the SKRAZR:
    well i went to the party and sadly the dude didnt show up…so i call it BS..sorry bout that guys

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