The Sidekick 2009 in the wild

Sidekick 2009

We knew it was coming. We knew they were visiting and they answered the call. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the photo we’ve all been waiting for. May we present to you, the Sidekick 2009 aka the Sidekick Blade.

329 Responses to “The Sidekick 2009 in the wild”

  1. meezyf3 Says:


  2. meme Says:

    meezyf3 on April 6, 2009 at 8:15 pm said:


    you from the bay?

  3. meezyD3 Says:


  4. Nikita Says:

    It looks exactly the same as all the others…..

  5. Jaylen Says:

    I like how the keyboard isnt so deep into the fone like on the LX =]

  6. Jaylen Says:

    Joe on March 31, 2009 at 9:00 am said:

    will this be for T-mobile!!??

    Do you know any other US carrier that sales Sidekicks? Alright then….

  7. Jaylen Says:

    henry on March 19, 2009 at 7:57 pm said:

    WOW people lol

    Yes. Sidekick talk can get very competitive hahaha

  8. Christian Oliva Says:

    it’s not the best looking Sidekick in the world,
    but the newer the better.
    i’d rather stick with my Sidekick LX.

  9. Patrick Says:

    im not here to say that the sidekick 09 stinks or what not but i just dont understand the fact that t-moible keeps producing a phone that pretty much does the same stuff it did as a sidekick 1 why not make it touch screen and add a operating system because the sidekick is a child’s phone if you are over 20 and have a sidekick something is terribly wrong with you not to mention all the better phones out there such as the G1 the Blackberry Storm and who could forget the so famous Apple Iphone so before giving t-mobile another couple of million bucks consider how much different this phone is compared to the lx and 08 other than the 3g its pretty much the same.

  10. yehhhhhhhhhhhh Says:

    Joe on March 31, 2009 at 9:00 am said:

    will this be for T-mobile!!??

    most stupidest question i have ever heard

  11. Anonymous Says:

    do u need to have contract for diz sk

  12. whoaamike Says:

    Will this screen swivel or slide?
    The swivel screen is what got me loving sk’s

  13. bribri Says:

    meme on February 17, 2009 at 7:48 pm said:

    amber alert on February 17, 2009 at 7:42 pm said:

    WTF, you all are crazy. This phone is gonna suck. It looks like all the others(what can you do) a piece of shizit. The sk2 was shatty, so they made the 3. The 3 was shatty so they made the slide, and LX and that other garbage phone that didn’t even have a camera, they are all shitty and this “blade” aint gonna work, its gonna f*(k up your day. That you tube is gonna be so slow, you know it too. 3g??? 3 gillion hours of waiting to download. Garbage. If you have a LX, keep it, it aint gonna get better. F*(k HOPE

    hahahahaha… if the SKLX is garbage, why do you have it? And just for you information, the iphone (along with many other phones) now have 3G. 3G includes HIGH data speeds. I highly doubt Youtube will be much slower on the Sidekick than it will be on the iPhone. The only downside is that T-Mobile does not yet have 3G installed all throughout the country… but I’m sure it will be put in a city near you within the next year.

    justin on February 17, 2009 at 5:48 pm said:

    This sidekick might look like the other ones but it doesn’t have the same features as them, The 09 has a better camera , bigger screen , twitter ( which will let us go on youtube) , and GPS , who knows maybe more. So why are you complaining on the look? Don’t judge a book by its cover , well a phone in this case =D

    And whoever made this retarded comment about twitter enabling Youtube… HAHAHAHAHA LMAO. ROTFL. That comment made my day. <3

    I got a good laugh from that one…
    the genius who wrote that… they need to do some research…
    Twitter has nothing to do with us getting on youtube…
    Twitter is basically another retarded social networking site…

  14. Titan2781 Says:

    Does anyone know if the Sidekick Blade KICKS to the side, or if it slides….

  15. Erik Diaz Says:

    whats the price like i wanna upgrade my slide to this cuz i went into tmobile 2 weeks ago and they said 250 for slide to 08 so whts this gnna be?

  16. Hugh Jazz Says:

    get the fcuk outta here, who jumps ship from an iPHONE to a damn SK .. wth is wrong with you guys .. if you have a sidekick over the age of 18, you look like a fuckn kid, this fone is only for kids.

  17. dailin Says:

    i want the sk blaze so fucking bad it looks so awesome im 14 so i can get to use the sk blaze

  18. Veri Tas Says:

    No Wi-Fi
    No Sale

  19. Anonymous Says:

    sklx 09 is not plastic………its hard bottom……….i know cuz i pre-ordered it and it is a $500 phone…….for knew customer and qualify customer its only $200…………..i got it for $475 its not a bad phone expecially the orchid color….if u sk fan u will luv this phone……….im not but i got anyway cuz im tired of the wing…

  20. Joshua Chirita Says:

    DANNYB707 on February 17, 2009 at 11:15 am said:

    OMFG!!!!!!! ahhhhhh cnt wait!!!!!!! I already got a $100 saved up cnt wait!!!!! So stoked!!!!!!!! Does anybody knw wen it’s coming out?????? N hopefuly thy have thm in difrnt colors like white or silver cuz there always dark colors!!!!! Cuz right nw I have a white 3g iPhone but the sec I herd this was coming out I knw I ws jumpn ship frm AT&T to t-mobile!!!!!!!

    Its coming out on the 13th of may. 🙂

  21. Anonymous Says:

    there’s to colors
    Carbon (which is the 1 in the picture..and
    Orchid- wich is kinda like a darkish purple and instead of the dialing numbers on the keyboard being light blue like the carbon this 1’s color is pink…..n they best upgrade besides the 3G…is you can FINALLY watch vids directly from the browser (youtube!)

  22. crankdatsailorboy Says:

    I just recieved mine, which has been on pre-order since april 21st. I LOVE IT!

    for all you naysayers, go play with it at a T-Mobile kiosk or store and play with it for a bit- It is a BIG step up from the previous LX and DEFINITELY a BIG, BIG step up from the 2008 I had before…

  23. prettygirltyieshax3 Says:

    this sidekick 09 is a good phone actually.

    im using it right now ; my mom bought it for me :]

    I have a con about this phone ; the camera w| out flash looks ehh . the 08 has a better camera in my opinion . I miss taking pictures on my 08 :[

  24. jpistola Says:

    sidekick’s a better operating system. ive had a sidekick 2,3,lx, and 2008 now. i dont think the 2009 is ant different besides 3g. im looking foward to the mytouch from tmobile.

  25. jpistola Says:

    sidekicks need a better o.s.

  26. Mick Says:

    this phone looks so cool that i have the older one and i need an upgrade

  27. meme Says:

    Mick on October 9, 2009 at 6:54 am said:

    this phone looks so cool that i have the older one and i need an upgrade

    where the hell have you been?!

  28. Anjel Says:

    Its really nice. I didnt realise they were calling them the Sidekick blade though. Thats a cool name.

    Sidekick Cell Phone

  29. Genaro Saneaux Says:

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