Thursday Afternoon Link Roundup

Just a couple of stories we’ve seen in passing that we thought you might be interested in:

The first “doll” with his own Sidekick – of course coming from Mister Cartoon
Pass Da Chutney Or, OMFG this POS!! – A funny article about the frustrations one user has with his Sidekick II
GPhone Kinda, Sorta Confirmed by Google Spain, But Not Really – Should we start tossing the “sidekick-killer” term around yet?
Driving While Texting May Be Illegal in Oregon, Washington – Gizmodo wins best article picture of the year. Hiptop3 shamelessly steals it.

One Response to “Thursday Afternoon Link Roundup”

  1. mr.mister Says:

    Who is the beautiful woman in the picture? I need to know!!!!!!

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