Time Traveler returns to the Sidekick catalog

As many of you have probably already noticed, the Time Traveler app is back in the T-Mobile catalog. It was previously pulled due to some bugs. Hopefully those have all been squashed and you can get your handy time zones and alarms again. You can even find out what time it is in Black Rock City, NV! Although they’re a bit late for this year. Let us know how it is! From the catalog:

With Time Traveler, you can keep track of the time in four cities at once, from a selection of over 100 cities. You can also set multiple alarms, each with a different alarm sound. Other features include analog clock mode and timer function.

2 Responses to “Time Traveler returns to the Sidekick catalog”

  1. drsfinest72 Says:

    First poster. n bout time they come out with this for sidekick3 =D

  2. queuebert Says:

    I downloaded TimeTraveler last night and it is still available for download, from my perspective, but it is worth noting that I am having some pretty heavy-duty problems with it. Definitely worked much smoother on the Sidekick II. If I tell it to set an alarm, it forgets my previous alarm settings and I have to go back and pick a time for it to go off, type of sound to make, etc. Also, if I tell it to set an alarm, then I cancel out of it, it sets an alarm anyways… the alarm it sets uses my previous alarm settings, go figure. I was so excited to have the application back, too, but it looks like I gotta hold on to my SKII as an alarm clock a bit longer. Anyone else have similar issues?

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