TMobile Executives have Sidekick 3s

We received an email from someone that we haven’t heard from before with the following:

Hello, I have some news for you.. although it’s not very credible, and I have no proof. Last night I was coming back from Providence to New York on American Airlines – I saw an older man (dressing quite formal I must say, suite and everything) and as we were both getting on the shuttle to JFK parking, I noticed he had a blackish sidekick… okay, at this point I’m thinking it’s just a Mister Cartoon version, but It was defiantly an SK3… I think, it looked smaller, and it was black AND silver, and definatley had a nub, or turnwheel or whatever it is :), anyways, when I asked “excuse me, what is that?” He said “it’s the future of handhelds”, smiled and got off the shuttle. I have no evidence or pictures, but hopefully this will help your

We did a bit of investigation and from a reliable source found that the TMobile executives actually have Sidekick 3 devices in hand, and that it may also be making rounds at call centers. If there is any validity to this claim (no offense meant Joanna), then the description of the man with the handheld from the future could very well have been a TMobile executive. The answer given certainly sounds like some good marketing speak.

3 Responses to “TMobile Executives have Sidekick 3s”

  1. AJ Says:

    i’m first ha

  2. FutrExec01 Says:

    ugh thats hott news…i wouldnt doubt it either

  3. SDWolf Says:

    It’s possible. It’s reasonable to imagine that, so close to release, they’re starting to get a little lax on their secrecy. No doubt they’re teasing us at this point. 😉

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