TMobile Reps get to check out the Sidekick 3

We heard a rumour that TMobile techs got their sweaty hands on the new Sidekick 3s. It only makes sense that the people that will be supporting these devices come July have an opportunity to look them over and check them out. Hopefully these devices will be rock solid since it’s Danger’s 3rd device and we won’t have to spend time on the phone playing Refurb Roulette! If any of the TMobile employees had a chance to snap some new pictures (we’re suckers for Sidekick pron) or have any feedback, please drop us an email at And for the rest of us, the waiting game continues!

33 Responses to “TMobile Reps get to check out the Sidekick 3”

  1. johnnycake Says:

    im first i think?

  2. johnnycake Says:

    yeah i am!!!!!!! whoo in ur faces b.itches

  3. murdermittenmatt Says:


    johnnycake was here. as a faggot. with no life

  4. youngeurow Says:

    *keeps praying that tmobile make there annocment*

  5. trackman Says:

    Yess finally somethin new. Hopefully somebody will send some pics and more details.

  6. Dianna Says:

    UGH!! i kant wait. i want this fone soo bad since i broke my sk2

  7. sidekiccck Says:

    the t-mobile vp lives like 3 houses away from me

  8. dollface Says:

    o man, its soooo close guys! well.. hopefully.

  9. conradspinkicks Says:

    im sitting here holding my SK2, and i love it so much. do i wanna let my baby go just like that :[

  10. InkDrinker Says:

    Well if your neighboor is the Vice President of T-mobile than why not steal his sidekick? Wait De che vu I thought i saw an article earlier or something about stealing o well… its a good idea either way.

  11. Abercrombie_06 Says:

    Jesus!! Will they hurry already and annouce it and release it!!!!

  12. RudeBoy Says:

    all this noise over a phone lol wow. it takes all kinds of people for this world to go round……

  13. KoryHutchinson Says:

    Why does anyone even comment on this we should all shut up and wait for an actual tmobile rep to post something and then we’ll know if that’s the real deal and I’m sure then they’ll be told when they are gonna start being sold cuz obviously somebodys gonna ask that…peace be with you…..

    Its Ya Boy!!
    Ask About Me!!

  14. ilikeeggs Says:

    thank god this sit finally got updated!!! but still this isint that big its just a rumor most rumors are bullshit

  15. Sidekick III Says:

    i hope i come out soon, im getting lonely, in this small box, all by myself, i need a friend.

  16. DarkFury Says:

    To sidekiccck… Since you live so close to him… Go dig up some more info, or just ask him about it. He’s the VP, he can tell anyone anything he wants to, right? lol

  17. johnnycake Says:

    im not getting the sidekick 3 i getting the psp its like th sidekick but with wings!! hahaahahahahahahahah loves it!!!

    wasnt gonna get it anyways ahahaha!!!!

  18. Amber581 Says:

    I guarantee this is not a rumor. My husband got to see a sidekick 3 today because his company does technical documentation for web based troubleshooting for T-Mobile.

  19. akadrez Says:

    So y da fuk r u in here? How bout u go get ur psp, kinda late tho since it came out a longgggg time ago, and go stik a cake up ur azz

  20. xlucyferx Says:

    i work for t mobile, tech support. my team recieved an appointment today to be trained on the sk3, next week. the last i heard, the release date is the 20th.

  21. SDWolf Says:

    I’m in no huge hurry for them to release the SK3. I’d rather they take their time and make sure the device is solid, than hurry and shove something half@ss out the door, like WindowsME or the XBox360, and even the first SidekickII’s (Remember crashing with the Big Red X of Death, and the blue lettering on the keys didn’t light up with the rest of the keyboard).

    Give them time to get it right. It’ll be out when it’s out. 🙂

  22. RudeBoy Says:

    wow dudes a mug….

  23. tonightwestorm Says:

    so i know everyone and their mom has said this, but i really did call a t-mobile rep at my local store yesterday and asked when we should expect to see the SK3 in stores.. she told me the end of June for sure.

    not sure how much any of them know, but at this point, it all sounds in the dark.

  24. kathleen Says:

    Someone else saw the big red “x”?! Mine kept doing that and I called customer service and they said they’d never heard of that before and wouldn’t take it back.

    Then mine got stolen and the new one I bought never did it.

  25. smubound Says:

    Ok…so I hate when people say what I’m about to say, so I apologize if anyone gets mad at me 😀

    I went to 3 different t-mobile stores today (2 kiosks, 1 official store) the kiosks acted like they didn’t know anything…one of them said that it’ll be out in 3 months the other one said that it’ll be out soon *shrugs*

    So the official store I went to said that they DO KNOW information about the sk3, but they cannot release any…so I asked if she could tell me the release date, all she said is that it’ll be out REALLY (she stressed the word REALLY) soon. I then proceeded to ask if there is going to be an upgrade program and she did confirm that there will be one. (I didn’t bother asking about pricing because I knew that it would be a waste of time.)

    So take the information as you will, I know that there will be many naysayers, and some people who will get uber-excited about it, but oh well *shrugs*.

  26. InkDrinker Says:

    gentlemen gentlemen remember if this gizmo or whatever its called costs 400.00 why not just buy 400 bean burritos from tacobell? am i right or am i right?

  27. Abercrombie_06 Says:

    Does anybody know if you can put your own pictures as backgrounds on the SK 3??

  28. ilikeeggs Says:

    i called the the phone number on the sidekick site and i asked them when it will come out he syad that they still dont have a specific date but it will be released this summer for sure…..

  29. dollface Says:

    yea, dont o to a kiosk in the mall and ask them. i was work at old navy and some tmobile kiosk guy came in and i mentioned it, he preceded to say “yea that wont be coming out till next year”, but i think its not true because in stores they aretelling me this year. so dont ask i kiosk guy because they wont tell ya the truth! but then again i could be wrong…

  30. akadrez Says:


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