Tony Hawk Limited Edition Sidekick LX

Tony Hawk Limited Edition Sidekick LX

Looks like press photos of the Tony Hawk Sidekick LX that we’ve been waiting for are out. Rumor from BoyGeniusReport has it that it will have grip tape on the back. And like we’ve been reporting, it’s probably going to have all the features and improvements that are coming with the Sidekick LX OTA. Basically it’ll be running the same version of the operating system as the Sidekick LX after the OTA to come. We haven’t gotten official word from T-Mobile yet, so of course the obligatory “grain of salt” is required, but as soon as we have the official word, you will be the first to know!

We’ll be keeping an eye on eBay to see if a Tony Hawk Sidekick pops up. Any bets on how much they go for?

via BGR

9 Responses to “Tony Hawk Limited Edition Sidekick LX”

  1. dopetastic Says:

    thats one fugly design.
    looks like a toy.

  2. eddieskankface Says:

    Honestly, worst sidekick design so far! :/ Tony Hawk was a bad idea. I still love the Juicy Couture and the Diane Von Furstenburg sidekicks the most.

  3. hamilton Says:

    I like the keyboard. =D

  4. Bones15 Says:

    I thought it was ugly too, until I saw it on video on and it looks slick. I like it. Not enough to buy it tho. lol.

  5. christian_acosta101 Says:

    hmm sidekick lx tony hawk edition…. it looks hawt but enough to buy it lol i agree with you bones 15, but the gekko/aspen stole my heart im waitinq every single day for it to come out !

  6. hershey Says:

    i really like the design.. i think im gonna get it.. i have a sidekick three and im still deciding between this one and the gekko.. but idk if i should wait for the sidekick four.. either way im sticking with sidekicks =]

  7. Dwight Dixon Says:

    how much is your tony hawk sidekick lx

  8. knoxville singles Says:

    I think Tony Hawk skateboarding in the white house was absolutly amazing. I guys if you and old fart you would see it as repulsive. I wish i could grind on Obamas dinner table,lol.

  9. wickedlytwiztid Says:

    Ok so I just got the tony hawk side kick its ok I guess it looks kinda lame the web is slow as hell but it has its good points the key board is great

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