Video on the Sidekick LX

We’ve been saying it for months and months, but now we’ve actually got some picture proof for you guys. Yes, the Sidekick LX is getting video, as evidenced by the screenshots above. We’re still trying to figure out details on what exactly the Sidekick will support as far as video is concerned. But yes, you will be able to capture and playback video on the Sidekick LX. I’m sure the question on everyone’s mind is “Will I be able to watch YouTube videos?” and as of now we don’t have a firm answer yet. Rumor has it that the H.264 codec will be supported, and YouTube started encoding videos in H.264 for Apple awhile back. So there may be some sort of workaround, but as far as a dedicated YouTube app for the Sidekick LX, we haven’t heard anything yet. We’ve also heard that it might be H.263 instead of H.264. We’ll let you know as soon as we nail it down so you can start converting your videos to be ready.

But for all you Sidekick LX users, look for an OTA coming very soon. And if you’ve been holding off on getting a Sidekick LX because of the lack of video support, it’s time to spend that money you’ve been saving. There was also a recent price drop in the device yesterday, so take advantage of that.

54 Responses to “Video on the Sidekick LX”

  1. hi im Says:

    How soon is this very soon. Same month, May

  2. hamilton Says:

    Sweeeeeeeeet. Why so late? With the new sidekick[s] coming out soon. So that means the new sidekick[s] will have video.

  3. Bones15 Says:

    Omg that’s sooo cool. I’m sooo glad. But how can they send this OTA? How is that possible?
    Also, what took them so long? Plsss post an update about when you think it’ll be out.

  4. hamilton Says:

    I have no idea. Did it have the video all along now the ota just unlocks the video part?

  5. lala Says:

    Oh boy now im glad i got the sk lx

  6. yoo Says:

    Wow, LX with video, two new Sidekicks. Danger is definitely stepping it up. With all these upgrades, it makes it harder for me to decided whether or not I want to keep my LX. Oh well, I’m going to wait for more info on the Aspen and the Gekko.

  7. Ryan Yo Says:

    This is too good to be true. Pic messaging AND video debuting on the same device?!? No way…

  8. King Royalty Says:

    Its a fake, the screenshots are photoshopped and there’s no web browser, the sidekick lx will never get video.

  9. Ryan Yo Says:

    King Royalty on May 4, 2008 at 4:37 pm said:

    Its a fake, the screenshots are photoshopped and there’s no web browser, the sidekick lx will never get video.

    Oh my god, you’re right. There really isn’t a web browser icon. What does that mean?

  10. sdk4fiend Says:

    Maybe the web browser was changed maybe because is not da lX but Da Gekko an da lX is n0t gonna get vedio cam

  11. Ryan Yo Says:

    sdk4fiend on May 4, 2008 at 9:52 pm said:

    Maybe the web browser was changed maybe because is not da lX but Da Gekko an da lX is n0t gonna get vedio cam

    Okay, but if you’ll look at the supposed Gekko screenshot in the latest post, you can see the web browser icon right where it usually is.

    Also, they have been comparing the “Gekko” to the next Sidekick iD and that was a downgraded SK3. There is no way that this new, lesser LX, will have a better feature like that.

  12. thatsoup Says:

    Its been noted before that the web browser icon is frequently moved up next to the email icon when a screenshot of a device that contains features that are not open to the public is seen. Photoshopping the web browser icon out of the list would take too much work.

    It would appear that the hardware that the phone currently has is capable of video, but could not use it because it was not equipped with a program that used it.

  13. hamilton Says:

    Could it be like the original hiptop, I mean not a sidekick? Cause in the aussie hiptop from top to bottom the icons are bigpond ataloge, web, email, msn ect, phone, text nd mms, phonebook, planing, camera, sonic boom, games, app. And that apears to be how it is in the screen shots. I dont know? Or it could just be like you said a fake

  14. Theicool Says:

    Man, I can’t wait for it to come out! I’ve been checkin like 10x a day to see if they knoe when the release date is.

  15. Bones15 Says:

    LOL I’ve been checking the site like every second hoping that I see a release!

  16. iamjessica Says:

    my main question.

    will this be available for people
    who already own a sidekick lx?
    because if its not then thats pretty
    it should.

  17. Theicool Says:

    Yes, ppl who already own a sidekick LX will recive a OTA that unlocks video recording/play back

  18. Theicool Says:

    I’m still waiting for the release date.. I’m guessing it will be once all the sk3 finish reciving theirs… which I think is real soon.

  19. wesk1 Says:

    i was able to watch a 20 second vid from mms!!
    when is the realease??

  20. Theicool Says:

    I think the release date in july15.. That’s what the rumor around is

  21. babyohatgirl19 Says:

    I got it ~~~~

  22. babyohatgirl19 Says:

    Subject: Over-the-Air Update Notice
    Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2008 13:48:56 -0700

    Congratulations! Your device has the latest software giving you the
    newest features and improving your network connectivity. Here are some
    highlights of what’s new on your device:

    Record, Play and Share Videos
    * Record videos using the Camera, receive video attachments from Email
    or Picture Messaging, or load videos to your microSD card, and play them
    with the Media Player
    * Share videos with your friends via Email, Bluetooth(r) or Picture

    Listen to Music and Share Media Wirelessly
    * Listen to songs or videos using a stereo Bluetooth device
    * Send and receive photos, videos or music via Bluetooth

    Connect in More Ways with AIM(r) and Yahoo!(r) Messenger
    * Create and join Group Chats
    * Set a custom status message then keep chatting
    * Search for friends in your buddy list
    * See who is logged into IM from your Address Book or Email and
    immediately start a conversation with them

    Personalize the Way You Surf the Web
    * Select how you want your Web pages to display: use a PC-like,
    full-size layout to pan & scan while reading or select the standard
    Sidekick screen-size layout to simply scroll down the page to read it
    * Use Mini Page to zoom out on an overview of an entire web page
    * Save images from Web pages to the microSD card

    Get Games, Apps, and Themes Faster
    * No more restarting your device after you download an item. Just
    install it, and your new purchase is ready to use
    * When you purchase a theme (formerly a ‘background’), you can set this
    new theme as your default right away

    Do More With Your Sidekick
    * Store more ringtones (up to 25), add more photos to Multimedia
    messages (up to 5), and record longer voice messages (up to 60 seconds)
    * Use Quick Find to search across all applications

    And much more!

    For further details of the new features, please visit
    For rate plan information, charges for features and services,
    restrictions and details, including T-Mobile’s Terms and Conditions,
    please visit

    Thank you, and enjoy your new software!
    T-Mobile Customer Care

  23. lili Says:

    I got a sk lx and let m3 tell you that with these features comin t0 my phone makes m3 reallii never want t0 let it go…

  24. michael Says:

    I recieved the OTA update today and it supports 3GP video if that hasn’t already been posted. You’re welcome =]

  25. cenaida Says:

    Wow why not sk slide too?? I wait hear if I got one great

  26. bill Says:

    now u can watch videos on your sidekick lx. idk about da sidekick slide. sorry. but u cant watch youtube :(

  27. Arnaldo Says:

    King Royalty on May 4, 2008 at 4:37 pm said:

    Its a fake, the screenshots are photoshopped and there’s no web browser, the sidekick lx will never get video.

    Yeah, it’s true! I didn’t believe my friend when he said he got a video in his LX. I said BS repeatedly. Then he shot some video of me until he showed me the video clip! I was stunned! Yeah, it’s true! I cannot wait for my LX to obtain the updated video playback!

  28. kimira Says:

    i got a update today with video and upgraded aim

  29. I got tha upgrade Says:

    We can c porno if…we get video feauture

  30. wrfcantwatchvideosonmylx Says:

    wtf i got the update thingy but on youtube it dont let me watch shiznitz

  31. justin Says:

    King Royalty on May 4, 2008 at 4:37 pm said:

    Its a fake, the screenshots are photoshopped and there’s no web browser, the sidekick lx will never get video.

    u iz dum i alredy gOt dee update stupiid azz so shut up and dunt hate cuz u dunt have the ota

  32. haaaaahhhh Says:

    Ha. **** you. What now? We actually have video. *******.

  33. BadMammaJamma510 Says:

    Yo Does any1 know where I can DL gp Videos? a website that doesn’t have viruses…

  34. deafvolks Says:

    King Royalty on May 4, 2008 at 4:37 pm said:

    Its a fake, the screenshots are photoshopped and there’s no web browser, the sidekick lx will never get video.

    yes i know, but sidekick lx don’t have Java svc support. but the video is look really awful hard to see, when camera move and not really clear the video. that is so SAD svc (BOO) but, i do have sidekick LX anyways

  35. deafvolks Says:

    its okay video update and hard to see and clear but only 20 sec SAD i wish more and unlimited video

  36. nelle22 Says:

    niqqa is wings yall need to getb a life **** tha lx

  37. ronezze22 hit meh up on aim Says:

    yall need to get a lyfe the lx update iz super wack u can onlyn record 20 sec.. video bye haters

  38. wat-ev Says:

    Im gettin bored wit da Kickz i need 2 up grade, mayb an iphone….

  39. Selena Says:

    I just got the sidekick 2008 codename gekko, and it does have video. You can download videos and music as well as take videos. Danger really did an amazing job and im extremely happy

  40. xavier Says:

    Yo I got a side kick 2008
    Or gekko..
    N idk how to download vids
    Sum one help…
    U cn email me at
    Ill realy apriciate it…….

  41. andy Says:

    Can you see videos on youtube on tis phone becuse dat wat I got tis sideckick lx cuz always go on youtube.. And I alway want to go but it won’t let me watch videos.. Can ureally watch vids in youtube.. Im gettin frustrated I really want to watch vids on tis phone.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Why doesn’t mine say ” sonic boom ” thingy? instead it says ” media player “

  43. Anonymous Says:

    on January 27, 2009 at 2:26 pm said:

    Why doesn’t mine say ” sonic boom ” thingy? instead it says ” media player “

    and my name is **** beast ! =] yeeahh booyyy !

  44. Kisma Says:

    I want a sidekick LX 2008 please

  45. bossbitchkillenuhoes Says:

    How do I watch online videos on sidekicklx

  46. Aquil Says:

    I have a sidekick lx and u can watch youtube, and record unlimited video( depending on ur sd card mem) and the cam has a flash

  47. chellis Says:

    How can I get that ota on my sidekick slide

  48. person Says:

    WHAT THE FLUFF!!! I can’t watch vid’s cause I have a stuiped side kick slide!!! That’s such a lame excuse!!! Lazy side kick people!!!

  49. trace Says:

    I recently purchased a 08 and upgraded as soon as a found out the 09 lx can play youtube vid and myspace music. But now that I got it the youtube keeps messin up and u can’t listen 2 music on myspace. And youtube is the only site u can watch vids (if it lets u!). I don’t get y u can’t watch all vids! Or download media to your phone. All this technology and they can’t do that? — sent from my sidekick lx

  50. anthony Says:

    I really need to wath video on Why don’t sidekick 2008 are not aloude to watch video on

  51. anthony Says:

    I only need to watch youtube that’s the only thing I want please.

  52. Nick Says:

    It pisses me off that they can’t do videos online. And if they can, only youtube. Plus I never got any of my info back from that stupid data loss thing.

  53. Dave Says:

    Wtf its 2010 and were the **** is the video app… This is bullshit

  54. 666 Says:

    Suksz ashz !

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