Video on the Sidekick LX

We’ve been saying it for months and months, but now we’ve actually got some picture proof for you guys. Yes, the Sidekick LX is getting video, as evidenced by the screenshots above. We’re still trying to figure out details on what exactly the Sidekick will support as far as video is concerned. But yes, you will be able to capture and playback video on the Sidekick LX. I’m sure the question on everyone’s mind is “Will I be able to watch YouTube videos?” and as of now we don’t have a firm answer yet. Rumor has it that the H.264 codec will be supported, and YouTube started encoding videos in H.264 for Apple awhile back. So there may be some sort of workaround, but as far as a dedicated YouTube app for the Sidekick LX, we haven’t heard anything yet. We’ve also heard that it might be H.263 instead of H.264. We’ll let you know as soon as we nail it down so you can start converting your videos to be ready.

But for all you Sidekick LX users, look for an OTA coming very soon. And if you’ve been holding off on getting a Sidekick LX because of the lack of video support, it’s time to spend that money you’ve been saving. There was also a recent price drop in the device yesterday, so take advantage of that.

54 Responses to “Video on the Sidekick LX”

  1. anthony Says:

    I only need to watch youtube that’s the only thing I want please.

  2. Nick Says:

    It pisses me off that they can’t do videos online. And if they can, only youtube. Plus I never got any of my info back from that stupid data loss thing.

  3. Dave Says:

    Wtf its 2010 and were the fuck is the video app… This is bullshit

  4. 666 Says:

    Suksz ashz !

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