Vote for the Sidekick 3

Engadget is running their 2006 awards right now. The Danger Sidekick 3 is up for Best Cellphone of 2006. Go over and vote here.

5 Responses to “Vote for the Sidekick 3”

  1. R Kritikal Says:

    i voted

  2. R Kritikal Says:

    for the k800i

  3. Khi Says:

    i was just wondering what people thought of Helio’s New Ocean phone? i love the sk3 but the ocean seems like it will blown the sidekick out the water considering it has video recording…

  4. Jerry Says:

    Not gonna vote for it because i don’t get to use my own mp3’s as ringtones…

  5. rad55 Says:

    I just jumped ship, no more sidekick 3 for me. ive been a loyal customer since the sidekick 2 dropped….been loyal for far too long, t-mobile has abused me so i looked into that “ocean” phone and i signed up for helio and got the Drift until the ocean comes out. the sidekick is a great phone design but is SEVERELY crippled with its lack of function and features. no video, no MMS, no selectable ringtones reallly SUCKS

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