Want a Sidekick 2008 (Gekko)?

Sidekick 2008 GekkoSidekick 2008 Gekko

If you’re looking for a Sidekick 2008 aka Gekko and you’re rich and you can’t wait for the release date, then you’re in luck. Just make this guy on craigslist a big offer and he might sell it to you. Regardless, looks like we’ve got the first “in the wild” pics of the Sidekick Gekko, err 2008 now.

UPDATE: A couple of eagle eye readers have pointed out the blue keypad on the Gekko as well as the LX, which indicates these are trial devices, aka devices that people are given to test before release. I’m sure this guy doesn’t yet realize that he’s not supposed to be selling these devices, especially the Gekko.

craigslist post:

SideKick Lx + Gekko – $250400 (alameda)
Date: 2008-07-15, 10:53PM PDT

New Sidekick LX(BLUE)
W/ Video Capibility.(365)
Also Able to Record Own Ringtones!
Comes With Charger, Case, etc.
If interested Please Write Back.
510-###-#### Call/TXT
Don’t Be Afraid to ask questions. I will not deny you!
Serious Buyers please

s0 be one of the only people!!
Also Have A Regular Brown Lx. In okay Condition.! Not the Best but still usable.!< ---(250) Third Phone is the " SIDEKICK GEKKO!"n0t f0r sale unless a Big Offer c0mes! (400) ALL PHONES COME WITH HOME CHARGER USB AND ALL HAVE SCREEN PROTECTORS Also interested in Electronics: IPODS, PS3, XBOX 360 ETC + $$$$

5 Responses to “Want a Sidekick 2008 (Gekko)?”

  1. johnnycash23 Says:

    AHH i want that gekko lol

    how can that lx record its own ringtones? the blue buttons on it looks dope

  2. kur5e Says:

    no thanks it not any better then the lx andi dont like how its shaped im sticking with my lx and gonna wait for the ota!

  3. Sidekickobsesssion516 Says:

    I really want a sidekick 08 but im not rich in not close to bein rich..

  4. brenden Says:

    i wanna sidekick with no contract anyone no someone selling or is selling need 1 badly email me at draftpunk837@aim.com for anyoffers… please im despreate

  5. vishal Says:

    i want to sell side kick 2008 sharp pv210 fro just Rs 1800 with box and all accessory . ear phone charger ,data cable ,green and black phone cover . only used for 2 months rarely . interested buyer can call me 09377483400 .India . price is negotiable .i use cdma phone thats y i want to sell this phone .phone does not have any problem it works perfectly as new ..value for money for Rs1800 .

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