What does Hank have in his pockets?

Yesssss, whats in your pocketsss?

Financial Times has an interview with Hank Nothhaft, the CEO of Danger. Not a whole lot of substance in it other than he mentions his love for horses a lot, and a couple of business mistakes he made. The part that has us interested in is the first question he was asked:

What’s in your pocket?
A prototype of the next Sidekick (mobile-cum-internet device). It’s thinner and less wide but has a bigger keyboard. Now I no longer keep it on a belt, I’m always losing it. I was known as the “absent-minded professor” as a student.

A prototype of the next Sidekick? Could this be the Gekko/Aspen that we’ve been hearing about? I’m trying to wrap my head around how they could be making the keyboard bigger AND make it less wide. But then again, he might be comparing it to a Slide.

thanks for the tip Ricky

4 Responses to “What does Hank have in his pockets?”

  1. Bones15 Says:

    I wonder how they’re gonna pull that off. It’s a good thing tho. I’m love how thin it is now, but I hated how long it was. That prototype sounds great.

  2. lala Says:

    Hmm sounds intresting so im guessing this is a new redesign sk since the limiteds are the same style as the orignal cept the casing is designed by a designer

  3. hamilton Says:

    Sounds good as. I can’t wait. The slide keypad sucked and the lx was to long so this device sounds good to me. Blah!!

  4. christian_acosta101 Says:

    im waitinq almost every day for it to come out !

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