Where is the Sidekick LX Video OTA?

Everyone keeps asking where their video OTA is for the Sidekick LX. It’s still in the pioneer phase right now. This means it will roll out to a small percentage of the Sidekick LX users first. Things will be tested to make sure nothing is wrong, and then it will roll out to everyone. The OTA has been in the pioneer phase for about a month, with no word on an official full roll-out date yet. It’s unclear as to why things aren’t rolling out to everyone, but it could be anything from a small bug, to larger problems on the back-end servers. Hang in there guys. It’s totally worth the wait!

18 Responses to “Where is the Sidekick LX Video OTA?”

  1. imalcolmjames Says:

    honestly this is so annoying and I wish that we would have never found out about this OTA. I’m def getting the sidekick “2008” it seems so cool. it lets me express myself. an since danger sucks with giving us good features. I doubt we are getting much after video. so why not trash the lx and get something with the features we should have had since the LX first came out.and actually fuck that. features we should have had since the sidekick 3.

    sorry. I just went on that lil rant. I’m a die hard sidekick fan but a lot of the things danger does are really good biz moves but very annoying to the consumer.

  2. kur5e Says:


  3. koloheboy Says:

    I called T-Mobile, they are working on some server upgrades and this affect the current problem with sending and receiving emails. I also want the new sidekick Gekko.

  4. christyaran Says:

    I spoke with the danger dept last week & they told me that they ARE ROLLING OUT! the only ppl expecting an OTA update right now are LX owners… they said it can take maybe upto another 2 months before i get it 🙁

  5. jessica Says:

    christyaran on July 17, 2008 at 6:41 am said:

    I spoke with the danger dept last week & they told me that they ARE ROLLING OUT! the only ppl expecting an OTA update right now are LX owners… they said it can take maybe upto another 2 months before i get it 🙁

    what do you mean it might
    take you two months.


    it will go national later this month…. im hearing between july 25th and 30th

  7. bradroyalty Says:

    i have talked the sidekick department and they said that the update will be out to the lx users by the end of the week what ever that means. so i guess like today or tomorrow but i doubt thats true. they are stupid

  8. jaydub Says:

    I talked to a guy at a T-Mobile kiosk in the mall (I was getting desperate, lol) and he said his bosses told him the update wasn’t coming until mid-August. I wish I never found out about it too.

    And is it a way that someone could make a Youtube-like website specifically for sidekick LX users? That’d be cool.

  9. mindmee2002 Says:

    Don’t give up hope eveyone. I JUST got my OTA update! So far I haven’t had a chance to try the video player, but I do like the overall look of the new media player itself. Love the fact that you can download more ringtones now and have more space for applications. The few things that I have noticed though are so far so good.

    So don’t get discouraged……the OTA updates are for real and they are coming. I live in CA. So I don’t know how they are choosing who gets them but I was pleasantly surprised to receive mine.

  10. snoopy421 Says:

    The ota is finally in affect … My co-worker the ota last night and it looked hot. She said it hot and it’s better. And we like in Brooklyn, new York. But I’m waiting for mine so I can have fun recording and watch videos on my phone

    People are saying every1 should get their update by July 31

  11. desperate!! Says:

    im still waiting on my update i wish i wudve never heard of it cuz im soooooooooooo DESPERATE!!!….PLS STOP COKTEASING AND SEND ME MINE!!!!!

  12. michelle Says:

    i cant wait to qet this update
    sounds really cool
    i only know around 2 or 3 people that qot it so far
    and i live in brooklyn, ny
    todays july 31 and i did not qet my update
    hopefully it will come in the middle of the niqht or somethinq xD

  13. Mr.Mastadon Says:

    I seriously cannot wait for this freaking update! I started tripping when I heard about it. And to think I was gonna go out and buy the tony hawk SK :-] silly silly me. Can’t wait though, anxiously waiting. . .


    Im StIlL wAiTiNg FoR ThaT gOd DaMn UpDaTe

  15. Callmecrazy Says:

    Still sadly…waiting for the OTA update its been way too long..tmobile seriously makes me mad with there consistently slow pace..rah!

  16. ckb Says:

    I’ve been waiting & waiting on this damn update I’ve did the resets turned my phone on and off so many times !!!!!!!!!!! Damn all I can do is wait!!!!!! We all should of got it by now. Holy moly guess waitings my game =(

  17. bob Says:

    does anyone know how to update lx without internet

  18. Ani Says:

    Ugh, It’s 2010 and I’ve had my Sidekick LX for about a year now. How come I haven’t gotten the OTA yet? >:(

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