Where’s the Hiptophunt Halloween Hunt?

So, I just wanted to make a post about the status of the 2008 Halloween Hunt… there is none this year. Why you may ask? A few reasons. Allow me to explain.

First off (And this is a big one), the code that powers the halloween hunt is more trouble than it’s worth. Things are so not efficient. It takes HOURS to set everything up, insert items into the list, create team emails (That task alone takes 4 hours), adjust teams, etc. It’s a hassle. Approving posts takes days, and is hard to do with multiple people. (This was tried last year and just caused more problems) The original plan was to recreate the whole site, and make everything light years better. Unfortunately this didn’t happen. (The reasons for this will follow too.)

Second off, I have no time. I’m busy working on paying projects. There’s no money in the Halloween Hunt. It’s not sponsored by anyone, no one pays me to do it. It’s all out of my pocket, which is looking pretty empty these days, as my paying projects haven’t yet paid off. I keep the site ad free to save bandwidth on the device and make it load faster and frankly, I hate ads. If I got paid hourly for the work that goes into the hunt, I’d be a very rich individual. Let’s just say when there is a hunt, the whole month of October gets devoted to it, and it’s still not enough to do everything.

Now, up until a hour or so ago I was highly considering still doing a hunt… although scaled back. (It’s tradition… it has to go on, right?) However, the actions of some individual or individuals has led me to say, “F**k it.” An individual sent me a link to an urban dictionary post containing the following;


a larger than average male (we are not sure on the fact that he is a male… will get back to you on that one). He loves Danger Inc. with his heart, and will suck their c**ks to get their attention. Unfortunately, (s)he is a failure at life and his/her apps suck c**k (not Danger c**k though)

God damnit, that dude(tte) is trying to submit his lame ass app and is being an exiva by sucking danger c**k.

Now, why would I waste my time and put off my projects and squeeze in time to do something entirely for free for someone who decides to post that? I wouldn’t. I don’t care anymore. The hunt was something I had volunteered to do… out of courtesy to the community. But if people go ahead and post this crap, why waste my time? Is it fair to kill off the hunt for the actions of one or two individuals? No. But, again, I don’t care. It’s [now] my hunt, and I’ll do whatever I so choose with it. Should MikePop or divinity choose to continue the hunt, more power to them. I will not be putting it on this year.

I had considered posting a name of the individual who I think did this, but I’ve chosen not to. It’s not worth it.

Oh, also, Volcom? I don’t care about your prizes. Seriously, they might end up in the trash tomorrow. Call Danger and whine to them about it.

So, Happy Halloween everyone and thank you Hiptop3 for the space to post this. Maybe I’ll be back next year with the hunt… Who knows.


8 Responses to “Where’s the Hiptophunt Halloween Hunt?”

  1. Korey Says:

    Yeah, I understand, why would you bother doing it if people jus keep doing that to you?
    That’s a bit pathetic..

    I feel for you..

    Happy halloween, I hope everything works out ok..

    Have a good time.


  2. mikepop Says:

    Not it.

    p.s. don’t let the idiots get you down.

  3. Aaron Says:

    I thought it was because the people that loved hiptops so much that they were motivated to do fun hiptop-related things no longer use hiptops.

  4. Jaguar Says:

    I miss back in the day when not all hiptop users were tools.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I miss when hiptop users could actually spell, use punctuation and complete sentences.

  6. Moe Says:

    thats why they dont deserve to do anythin free for them man they like talking shit just because like Aaron said he was motivated to do people dont appreciate nothin these days

  7. RockStarr Says:

    Ahh exiva the urbandictionary post is bullshit. Someone is lame enough to be all up on your shit and post crap like that? :/ (dm me on twitter and tell me who it was so I can place a beat down)

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, I really wanted to do it this year since I didn’t get to do it last year.

    People can be so ridiculous.

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