Wooden Sidekick 3

Wooden Sidekick 3
Some people will be getting the Sidekick LX for Christmas this year, while others will be getting the Sidekick Slide, but one lucky lady will be getting a one of a kind Sidekick 3 for her Christmas present. A Sidekick 3 made of wood. The creator says that the Sidekick 3 is the favorite phone of his lady friend. However, he also mentions that he did not make the screen flippable because “she’s not THAT special”. *ouch* It looks like it will be a bit bulky for her pocket, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

Wooden Sidekick 3Wooden Sidekick 3Wooden Sidekick 3

via SomethingAwful forums thanks Heather

One Response to “Wooden Sidekick 3”

  1. kickbackcat Says:

    i made one out of clay in ceramics for my final project =]

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