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Some Truth To The Sidekick 3

Monday, October 24th, 2005

via Gizmodo

Ever since that god-awful leaked picture has come out, we’ve heard countless rumors about the Sidekick 3 from T-Mobile. We actually have some real news from an insider at T-mobile who has the scoop. The Sidekick 3 will NOT be running Windows Mobile at all, so get that out of your heads. Also, if you were holding back on getting a Sidekick II until the 3 comes out, you’re not in luck. The Sidekick 3 won’t be released at all in 2005, so keep your eyes peeled in 2006 for it. We’ll let you know more details when they come.

Rumor: More On the “Private List” for the Sidekick 3?

Thursday, October 20th, 2005

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We got this amusing email from a reader who heard from her local T-Mobile store that the Sidekick 3 may be coming out this December, but there’s also a private “invitation-only” list if you want to get it by late November. Here’s what she wrote:

I went to the T-Mobile store in my area, it located on 5th street in Brooklyn New York. They are an actual T-mobile store. I went in to purchase a Sidekick because my sidekick broke and I needed a new one because I didn’t opt for the insurance when I purchased it. She told me to add the insurance on my phone and then to buy a cheaper phone (a $50 chepo) and wait about a week and claim my phone through the insurance and not to waste my time buying a Sidekick and spending the $400 for the phone because T-mobile was coming out with the new Sidekick 3 in December, she also told me to keep this hush because they have a private list for this phone and that it was by invite only. The invite would be for late November and the phone for the public would be for December around X-Mas. But I am going to do major brown nosing to get on that list for Nov.

There’s a private list?! Eh? So who gets to be on the list? Paris Hilton? Lindsay Lohan? What’s up with this exclusivity? T-Mobile’s being super-sly about this, which makes me think this new Sidekick 3 had better be something special. Now excuse me, as I try to see if I can work my way into this “private list.”

More Sidekick 3 Rumors: It Runs on Windows?!

Thursday, October 20th, 2005

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Holy Sidekick Rumors! Now we’ve got another email about the Sidekick 3 sent in from yet another reader (Oh readers, how we love you) and this time, it’s juicier than ever. According to our reader SuperSideKickLuvah (name changed to protect the innocent), his friendly neighborhood T-Mobile store informed him not only that the Sidekick 3 will be out this December, but that it’ll be Bluetooth-enabled as well as EDGE-enabled (Yay!), and that it’ll run WINDOWS MOBILE(WTF?!). Here’s his email, with a few names changed so that nobody gets fired (The name changes are fairly obvious, as you’ll see).

Hello, my name is SuperSidekickLuvah and I happen to be browsing for TMobiles Sidekick3. I came across ur site and i just wanted to share some info. I cancelled my Sprint service for this reason, Sidekick 3. I was told 2 months ago at the T-Mobile store inside the Montebello Town Center Mall located in Montebello, California. I was planning on hooking up a phone but they mention i should wait for Sidekick 3 launch. I ask when was this going to happen and they said december but most likely January. I happen to call today and 3 employees updated me on the S.K.3 Princess Peach, Luigi, and i forgot the opther employees name mention a few things about it. It runs on Windows. It has Bluetooth Tech. and Edge Tech. Since 2 months have past since i ask about its realising date i ask again and they said it is going to come out on the week or weekend of THANKSGIVING! Pretty exciting. They mention it is slightly smaller and the screen goes up, they never mention it flips up, i should have ask, I will. I wasnt planning on doing this but i feel like i have to share the excitement. Its weird though, i called customer to see if they knew more, but the girl that was helping me had no clue. But, she told me about Sidekick 2 special Edition. One is black and another one is pink. I told her I havent heard anything about Sidekick 2 Special Edition. Then i happen to call another tmobile store and they also knew nothing about Sidekick 3. So, it does remain a mystery. I am PRAYING it comes out that soon cause i havea no cell phone cause i really want to own that cell phone. Well, i will talk to more tmobile reps. to see what they say, hope to keep in touch, maybe ur able to post this up or share it, see ya.

Uh, wow. Well we already knew about the Sidekick 2 Special Editions (the Juicy Couture and Mr. Cartoon models, respectively), but this whole thing about the Sidekick 3 running Windows is just shocking. WTF is this about? Is it like a Pocket PC wannabe? Will there be a hidden stylus? Inquiring minds need to know! I guess we’ll have to wait until December to find out, unless one of us manages to get onto that “private list.”

Is this the T-Mobile Sidekick III / Hiptop 3?

Tuesday, October 18th, 2005

via Engadget

Are these leaked images of the Sidekick III? Or of a prototype—old or new—of Danger’s design? Or merely a hoax? Whatever it is, assuming they’re not complete fakes, it does indeed wear a T-Mobile badge, which usually accounts for something in terms of the production cycle (unless they were just trying it on for size, we suppose). Any way you want to peg this one, we’re definitely not going to go on record as stating this is or is not Danger’s rumored Sidekick III (though we’re honestly kind of hoping it’s not).

Sidekick 3 in the Wild

Tuesday, October 18th, 2005

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Looks like we’ve got some grain! Grainy shots of the Sidekick 3, that is. Reader Ncmac sez “BANNED by Hiptop forums!!!” so you know we’re on to something.

Don’t people know that by banning something they give it credence?[Thanks, Waverunner et al]

Rumor abt sidekick 3 ?? Read on… [AllDeaf]

More photos after the jump.

T-Mobile takes on i-mode with Web n walk

Thursday, October 6th, 2005

via Silicon

T-Mobile has launched its own mobile internet service, Web n walk, and has confirmed it will be introducing HSDPA – high speed mobile broadband – to its subscribers from next year.

Despite launching its internet service within days of O2’s i-mode debut, T-Mobile is opting for an open access service, rather than the walled garden approach favoured by O2 and recently ditched by 3.

Alongside a Google homepage will be the usual suspects of email and IM, with a ‘child lock’ to stop kids accessing adult content. Anyone over 18 can request the lock be removed.

To accompany Web n walk, T-Mobile will be releasing eight new handsets by Christmas including the Paris Hilton ‘hack’ phone, the Sidekick, and a 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi combo, the MDA Pro.

The MDA Pro will run on the latest Redmond OS for mobiles, Windows Mobile 5.0 and other handsets will feature an Opera browser for mobiles.

According to a T-Mobile spokesman, access speeds will be around 384Kbps.

But customers should get a boost in 2006, when T-Mobile’s group CTO Hamid Akhavan says the company will introduce HSDPA, which offers speeds of up to 1.8Mbps.