Hi-Res Pics of the Sidekick 4G

Samsung released some hi-res photos of the Sidekick 4G in case you want a super close look at it before you get one in your hands.

6 Responses to “Hi-Res Pics of the Sidekick 4G”

  1. Alex Cameron Dimez Says:

    will they stop with the teasing and just give us a straightforward release date and price.

  2. Kara Says:

    Yes, pics tell me nada …. when can we go to the store and try this out? So far they are losing as I am guessing most of us have already have contingency plans for a phone we *have* tried out.

  3. GALMT Says:


  4. itsNobi Says:

    So no flash, eh?

  5. Martin Says:

    why the eff doesn’t it have a flash!? dealbreaker :/

  6. Chadifer Says:

    Eh….Maybe…we’ll see when it comes out!

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