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Even MC Hammer has a Sidekick!

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

Hammer Time!
After finding out that MC Hammer has a Sidekick and that he moblogs from it, some people are saying that he is on the super-secret celebrity list of people who (have/will be getting) a Sidekick 3. Could this pic be of him on one of the prototypes?

T-Mobile MDA Available

Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

We’re hearing reports that T-Mobile is actually handing out the MDA now. For the impatient and fed-up, this looks like an alternative to the Sidekick III. For some of us, it’s probably going to be a long and painful wait for the cat remote while we watch our friends play with a new device. Anyone out there pick up an MDA? How is it? Let us know.

More leaked Sidekick III pictures

Thursday, February 16th, 2006

We’re not sure where the cat being controlled by this cat remote is, but we’ve got some new pics for you. It looks like these were recently leaked on Howard Forums, mobilehipster, (removed by mods), and probably elsewhere. Looks like we’ll be seeing a Sidekick III soon as these look like they could be a finished production device. At first look it seems like it is going to be a little thicker than the Sidekick II. No official word on features, specs, etc. But here are some more rumours we’ve heard:
Detachable battery
Mini sd card
Music player
Instead of the scroll wheel there is a ball.
It is slimer and no rubber bumpers.
Special catnip storage slot.

Chat about it here…

Danger registers for both Electronics and Audio booth?

Monday, February 13th, 2006

Today marked the first day of the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, which runs till Feb 16th. Danger has two booths registered there, and it is rumoured that one is in the Audio section of the congress. Could this be the announcement of the Sidekick III? (They don’t seem to have a section for “Pet Control” so it’s hard to tell)

In addition to the exhibition, there is the GSM Association Awards on Feb 14th with categories such as

  • Mobile Innovation Award
  • Best Mobile Messaging Service
  • Best GSM Handset or Device
  • Best Broadcast Commercial
  • We can’t tell if Danger is in the running or not, but we will definitely keep an ear out to see if they win anything. Anyone out in Barcelona this week?

    -thanks to “p” for the heads up-

    Some Guy Says:
    February 13th, 2006 at 1:17 pm

    I hate to burst everyone’s bubble but the “rumor” that they have an “electronics” booth and an “audio/visual” booth comes from some guy who looked at the list of exhibitors for the 3gsm world conference and say the prefaced letter for the two booths Danger has. E and AV. E doesn’t mean electronics. Inside the buildings they are ordered into arbitrary sections A, B, C, D, E, F, etc. AV doesn’t mean Audio/Video, it just means the booth is along the Avenue (The AV is given for all booths along the Avenue. For more info, look at the actual floorplans at the 3gsm world conference site.

    As to the question, “Why would Danger be there if not to show off another device?” I can think of one good reason- there is no better place to make contacts and try and woo new carriers (particurally European carriers).

    More info on the Hiptop 3 from those in the noe

    Monday, February 13th, 2006

    We recently received the following question and answer between a reader and someone who “works for a company, that noes der stuff.” Believe what you will.

    >> When will sk3 be out?
    “May-april 2006 around spring season”

    >> Will it have music?
    “Yea its gonna have other features other data, don’t really noe specific stuff”

    >> How much music?
    “Don’t know but should support mp3”

    >> Will it have bluetooth?
    “Yes it will, should be up to date with other devices, and should have memory stick, wait he told me it will have a memory stick, yea dats right”

    >> Better camera?
    “More advance camera, and should have mp3 capabilities bcuz what they said is it suppose to be up to date with other devices”

    >> What bout razor sidekick?
    “September 2007, it will be released”

    >> Does the sk3 look like the one in the picture?
    “Yea it does”

    >> Will the OS/jump screen look the same?
    “Should be, same format and jump screens”

    >> Will the internet be faster? Better?
    “Internet, and should be more advance”

    >> Will it have EDGE?
    “maybe, not really sure, I’ll ask

    >> What about flash? Will it have flash?
    “I don’t know”

    >> Will it support video?
    “Pretty sure it will have video.

    >> Video camera?
    “Only video recording, I’ll need to look that up”

    TMobile MDA, will it grab the Sidekick market?

    Tuesday, February 7th, 2006
    Sidekick Killer - Tmobile MDA

    Is this the “Sidekick Killer” we hear about so often? TMobile is on track to release some new smart-phones this month. The MDA you see above looks like it’s about the same size as the Sidekick II, maybe a little shorter. There’s a good video over on CNet with an in-hands demo. Will you switch, or are you holding out for the Cat Remote? Or maybe those that are blinging will get both. I just want to know if anyone is going to be selling crystals for the new TMobile MDA!

    Edit: Some features on the MDA include Windows Mobile 5.0, GSM/GPRS/EDGE/WiFi, Bluetooth, and a 1.3 megapixel digital camera.

    Calm before the storm?

    Sunday, February 5th, 2006

    It’s been quiet lately… almost too quiet. Maybe because NDA’s are being put into full effect right before a release? When do you think we’ll see the release of the sidekick 3? Put your guesses in the comments and we’ll see who ends up guessing right!