Calm before the storm?

It’s been quiet lately… almost too quiet. Maybe because NDA’s are being put into full effect right before a release? When do you think we’ll see the release of the sidekick 3? Put your guesses in the comments and we’ll see who ends up guessing right!

10 Responses to “Calm before the storm?”

  1. Tom Says:

    Wouldn’t it be on April 1st “The Fool’s Day?”

  2. Jeremy Says:

    My prediction is April 31st. I have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed.

  3. Luis Says:

    You guys are right it’s been suspiciously quiet latley but i still have no idea when they will release it. I say Feb. 14???

  4. Gotfolk Says:

    I dunno if Danger will stick to the “roadmap” or not, hopefully they will have the lets release it before April to surprise everyone attitude…

  5. K Says:

    i heard the sk3 is pushed back till 07 to upgrade the camera, im hoping this isnt true tho

  6. E-40 Says:

    I just want the damn thing to be out already! I’ve held off on buying the sk2 and my patience level is slowly decreasing! Almost everyday I check to see if there’s any update but there hasn’t been a single word. This silence is killing me!

  7. MO Says:

    I’m sick of waiting and danger not saying anything, i give up with the hiptop, moving to different phones since some are more up to date.

  8. Mr. banana Says:

    The sk3 will out be out april 2006.
    I have an interview with an important person about the sk3. I posted it at 3 times and it got deleted. My friend then reposted it and got banned.
    Oh yea and 2marow the sk3 will be shown off at an exhibiton is barcelona. im me if u have any questions. I’m all real
    Aim: oxxhollabakxxo

  9. Bananachunks Says:

    “Mr. banana” != Bananachunks, just for the record.

    …I thought Sidekicks had keyboards. What’s with all of the aol-speak. I hope that Mr. banana isn’t going to speak like ‘he’ types in the “interview with an important person”…

  10. mr. banana Says:

    All my info is correct.

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