Even MC Hammer has a Sidekick!

Hammer Time!
After finding out that MC Hammer has a Sidekick and that he moblogs from it, some people are saying that he is on the super-secret celebrity list of people who (have/will be getting) a Sidekick 3. Could this pic be of him on one of the prototypes?

27 Responses to “Even MC Hammer has a Sidekick!”

  1. Dr. Bananaspilt Says:

    D00d, he is holding a sk3??? man what is that thing?

  2. WHOAH Says:

    that shit is HUGE! i HOPE that is not a prototype!!!!!!!!!!

  3. sam cook'd Says:

    That thing is HUGE of hammer got a realllllly small head……please god have mercy on our wrist please please please don’t let that be the sk3 or ne form of past present or future sk designs…..AMEN!!

  4. sam cook'd Says:

    That thing is HUGE or hammer got a realllllly small head……please god have mercy on our wrist please please please don’t let that be the sk3 or ne form of past present or future sk designs…..AMEN!!

  5. no Says:

    Its not da sk3 u retards its sk2

  6. Big Daddy Kane Says:

    no Says:

    February 28th, 2006 at 5:03 pm
    Its not da sk3 u retards its sk2


  7. AJ Says:

    Very interstin’, that might a sidekick 3 because celebrity people who got invited have sidekick 3 right now. 2 months later or whenver, sk3 wil be released soon…. trust me

  8. John Doe Says:

    That is not a Sidekick ! It’s a radio/audio device or something.

  9. ur dumb... Says:

    “no” that is clearly not an s2…

  10. Andy Says:

    Ok, I have been reading all the forums about the sidekick III/hiptop 3 and I get more confused as I read them. I decided to contact t-mobile and danger myself to see what they say and this is what i got from t-mobile:

    “Andy, we have checked with Danger, the company that makes Sidekick, and they have no plans on releasing a Sidekick 3 anytime in the near future. If this changes, please keep an eye on the upcoming device releases on http://www.tmobile.com.”

    and here is what I got from Danger:

    “Thank you for your interest in Danger and inquiring about future products or services we are developing. Unfortunately until we have made a public announcement via the press or through our website, Danger does not comment on any unreleased products or services. However, Danger, Inc. is constantly innovating and developing new and exciting technologies as we bring new products and services to the market. For the latest information on our products and services, please check our web site periodically at http://www.danger.com/press

    This didn’t help me at all. So dont waste your time contacting t-mobile or danger. They wont say anything. BUT…. danger never said they wouldn’t…. so there is still a possibility. 🙂

  11. Some Person Says:

    He’s right, that isn’t a Sidekick he is holding. Maybe your just viewing from your little sidekick screen and can’t tell. Look at it from a desktop, that thing he’s holding has corners, and it’s twice as thick as the sk2.

  12. CJ Says:

    He talkin on a universal remote control lol

  13. AJ Says:

    that is not definitely sk3!!!!

  14. George Says:

    Has anyone noticed that on the tmobile website there is no sidekick for sale? only the mister cartoon is there… maybe it’s a temp problem but I just looked and refreshed the page and couldnt see it…. Danger also changed the look of their website…. no pictures of the sk2 anymore… hmm….

  15. Big Daddy Kane Says:

    Yeah, good notice. Yesterday there was a Sidekick II and Mister Cartoon. Today there is only Mister Cartoon sidekick. DAnger changed their website (and it sucks ))). George – cool observance.!

  16. shakeitt Says:

    thats not even a sidekick 2 or 3.. it looks like a big huge piece of block of something. thats stupid

  17. Andy Says:

    hahaha. T-mobile website put the sidekick II back…. Give it up guys. Surely there is a sidekick III but i will not come out soon. So go and buy another phone.

  18. YouR MoM Says:

    Thats a block!!

  19. Chris Says:

    is it just me but in the picture it doesnt even look like a sidekick 2

  20. Bobby Says:

    thats not a sk3 its a cinder blocker

  21. ya boy Says:

    That’s not sk2 or 3 its a squareish phone or something everybody keep hope alive tmobile admits there are plans to come out with sk3 and rumors are april its gonna be soon so dig your hills in and stack your chips for the release. Hope sk2 users get a trade in rebate!

  22. NONE Says:


  23. E Cruz Says:


  24. E Cruz Says:


  25. Lunatik Says:

    That is not a Sk3. i’ve seen hammer the other day and he has the sk2

  26. g Says:

    thats no sidekick thats freakin huge

  27. Tyrone Says:

    Hammer is a broke celeb…they wuld never give him a skIII before Paris Hilton!! Thats Hot!!

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