Hiptop 3 pics in the wild?

We have heard some reports that pictures FROM a hiptop 3 in the wild have been posted to some popular moblogs on the web. Stay tuned as we investigate more….

66 Responses to “Hiptop 3 pics in the wild?”

  1. X Says:

    Sidekick Bob is a NUT


    Hahaha “I work for T-Mobile, I work for Danger, I work For T-Com, I work for BiLL gates” Dude i dont care who you work for or your little business meetings you conduct with your boss, and I care less if you believe i have the phone. Im in the process of discussing sending the pictures to “DIVINITY” who represents http://www.hiptop3.com Just wait for them to release the pics and you will see who you’re calling a liar.

  3. mikey Says:

    he doesnt have the phone.

    we’d all be seeing the pics by now.

  4. Crazypeople Says:

    I’m replying to all of you on my sidekick 3


  5. Ryaan Says:

    So, i went to dogeit.com, and i checked the sidekick bob’s email…it’s not password protected…and there are only people saying that they want the SKIII info. There’s a couple from this site’s administrators. I think he’s full of shit. I looked on Ubergizmo and someone said that the release date was April 15th. I hope so. It’s about time damnit!

  6. Tomson Says:

    That crazy person… Anyways, Ryan was right about UberGizmo. They have tons of people raging about the April launch.

    *crosses fingers*

  7. SK2 USER Says:

    People emailing this scammer ‘SIDEKICK BOB’ might want to be aware that not only is all your emails visible but it also will atract SPAM to you!!


  8. kris Says:

    I went to c my connection at her t-mobile store about coppin the MDA, she said it was a good phone, but her manager said they’re preppin for an april release of the SKIII, she couldn’t give me an exact release date, but she said she would call me when they got the first shipment in, not sayin its absolute, but she’s usually right about shit, so…

  9. hmm... Says:

    doubtful.. i honestly dont think the release is anytime soon.. when i had the s1 and the s2 was coming out i received an email from tmobile to my tmail account.. they gave current sidekick customers the opportunity to get the sidekick before it even came out on in stores.. i had my s2 a good 2 months before i started seeing them in stores

    my s2 actually broke today and i dont have insurance and my warranty expired TWO DAYS ago, which means i have to buy a new sidekick at full retail price or upgrade to a different phone. i asked the customer care rep if she honestly knew anything about the s3 and she said “very little… and we have received no information as to a launch.” so it looks like my 3+ years with the sidekick have come to an end as ill prolly just get the SDA or the t809..

    april is so doubtful ppl… i dont think any major company would release a product in a months time without the necessary promotion first.. dont expect the s3 to just pop up in stores some random day in april… its just not realistic..

  10. hmm... Says:

    by the way…

    everyone’s “friend at tmobile” always has something else to say…

    my friend’s “friend at tmobile” said he went to a “meeting” and at that “meeting” they said the s3 release date was “january 07”

    in other words… no one really knows… just the fortunate ones at danger and maybe a few lucky tmobile heads

  11. hmm... Says:

    well yea, i got my new phone… i opted to not waste my upgrade on one of the crappy phones at tmobile right now.. i bought a phone outta contract… $477 total… 2mp camera.. mp3 player.. fm tuner.. 512 mb stick 34mb internal… bluetooth etc etc

  12. hmm... Says:

    oh yea… i was going to by an s2 outta contract.. went all over lookin for one but they r sold out everywhere and the guy told me they were discontinued cuz “the s3 is expected in june”… lol… the rumors!

  13. Kyle Says:

    From a business standpoint, it would make no sense for them to discontinue the sk2 so early while it was still selling very well and had a buzz around it.

    If they are discontinued I think we should expect to see them hit stores by the end of the month.

  14. april??? Says:

    i heard they were discontinued too. The guy said that tmobile discontinued them because of defects… i dont kno if there is any truth to that…

    does anyone think that the april 06 on the product roadmap meant the month and year they will make an announcement about the s3? you know, rather than when they will begin selling them???

    id be perfectly at ease if by the end of this month i knew official info on the s3 such as specs, price, and a release date… i dont even care if that meant i had to wait till the summer… at least id know im not waiting for nothing!

  15. MIAMI DUDE Says:


  16. Ryaan Says:

    So, I was on some other websites….I can’t really recall which ones they were, but nevermind the names. I noticed that they were blogging and chatting it up about the SKIII and what they were saying was “The FCC has approved the SKIII”. I followed the links that were provided and sure enough, it led me straight to the FCC’s website and then to the part for the SKIII…there were many documents with Sharp’s name on it and there were even photos of the SKIII. There were documents that were asking for express privacy and things like that, but I guess that the FCC didn’t see fit to keep the testing information and photos under wraps.

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