April is almost on us here, and still no news. With all the people that said the cat remote was going to hit the streets in April, it will be interesting to see if it actually does! Shall we start guessing the actual date it hit’s the market? I’m thinking June 26th. hehe

36 Responses to “April”

  1. Brittany Says:

    This is starting to piss me off.

  2. X Says:

    with april, right around the corner, it has come to time to show off the phone that will be in my hands soon, April has been said more then 6000 times allready with such a month on its way you allmost feel the sidekick III in your hands too.

    ~Go April

  3. AJ Says:

    hopefully, sk3 release date should be here in this month….eh he


    DAMN THOSE DANGER AND T-MOBILE GUYS – just fucking with our brains!!
    Where the fuck is sidekick?

  5. AJ Says:

    why dont we break and enter the buliding of Danger inc and see if there are a lot of sidekick 3?

  6. Joooel Says:

    How early did the SK2 photos start surfacing before the released it?


    AJ – nice idea. We should go and fuck the whole building up and get em sidekicks ))

  8. A$CO Says:

    Every1 should stop buggin out bout tha sk3. If u had ne common sense u would no its not coming out in april. I’m tired of tha sk2 but I’m not complaining jus chill out. It will get here when it gets here. I’m hopin by tha summer but my guess is sept or oct.

  9. Steph Says:

    My SK2 has software problems. I can’t type out certain MAJOR letters like ‘a, y, b, k,…’ etc. This means I can’t text very much, and I can’t browse the internet unless I have a bookmark already set up and it doesn’t require a login.

    I am SO curious about the SK3 because I have insurance and can call to have mine replaced. However, I don’t want to do that if the new one is coming out soon.

    It’s not a matter of common sense. There are many things out right now suggesting April or sometime this year. It’s common sense to try to anticipate the arrival of the new version.

    I wish this wouldn’t be so tricky. Gamers know when new systems are coming out. We are loyal Sidekick customers. I think they should take advantage of that and fill us in on new product release dates, so we can plan ahead.

    That’s all I’m asking for.

  10. lito Says:

    I agree in all with what steph just said..we should know…why doe they have to keep it such a secret…

  11. 2867 Says:

    i love u sidekick 3!!!

  12. Brittany Says:

    I wish somebody knew some real information about it. This is getting old…

  13. X Says:

    It’s allready old coming here every day to check out the same shit about some cat and no phone…. fuckin sidekick III never Coming out..

  14. Tomson Says:

    Hahahahaha! ^^^

  15. Josh Says:

    From what I hear, rumors have it that t-mobile might lose the danger contract to cingular. As we all know danger is the company who makes the skII. According to the rumor danger has moved to duluth, ga, where cingular headquarters is located. So t-mobile might have some competition ahead of them. Has anybody else heard of this?

  16. Brittany Says:

    Yeah Josh, it’s old. T-mobile is making a LOT of money off of kicks so I don’t think they’re going to lose it. Plus, Danger is in a solid 5 year exclusive contract with T-Mobile. I think it’s all fine. Seriously, how many businesses are located in Atlanta? Hundreds and thousands. There’s nothing to worry about.

  17. X Says:

    Saturday April 1st.

  18. lito Says:

    I don’t think that will happend..but if it did hopefully there more loose with the user friendly software apps. Being able to put on It…that’ll really shit on t-mo….but het we got ti’ll april-june…I’m sure something will come out then….it would be an opportune time to release the sidekick during the summer or atleast announce it!be patient people…and ir your not…you know your gonna run back to it anyway…just my 2¢..lates

  19. justin Says:

    why are you guys so hyped about sidekick 3, stop thinking about it and it will come out faster then you know…damn


  20. Tomson Says:

    It’s reeeeeeeal hard, Justin. Especially for a kid like me waiting for this to be his first phone. And looking at the Sidekick 2, but knowing the Sidekick 3 will own all.

  21. Joooel Says:

    Justin if you wern’t hyped about it, you wouldn’t be on this page.

  22. Keyma Says:

    If The Sidekick 3 wasn’t coming out this month or before the summer they would have never stoped selling the sidekick 2, I bug the t mobile guy across the street from me all the time n he keeps telling me it would be out before september

  23. SKII_Guy Says:

    We can not give out specific release dates for the Sidekick III or any other product under exclusive license. Due to stock price impact and potential competitive forces, T-Mobile generally does not disclose proprietary information to the public. If you are considering the purchase of a Sidekick II you might want to wait just a bit. 🙂

  24. Kyle Says:

    I agree Keyma, the sidekick is one of the most talked about and well known phones/handhelds on the market. I highly doubt that sidekick 2 would be discontinued without a “replacement” for months on end.

    I’d expect to see something by the middle of April!

  25. Bigdaddydave Says:

    Well guss this that thesidekick 3 is out..Don’t listen to any one. I just called t-mobile and when they say the don’t have the sidekick 3 you say “kickside” then they think ure a celebity. That the key word. Remember that. Price is 499.99 and get shippped in 1 Weeek. And you will get ure sidekick3. Do it before there stock run out.

  26. E Cruz Says:

    has anyone tried this “kickside” deal.. i’ve seen it on about 3 pages already, and honestly i don’t want to seem like a dumbass calling t-mobile and being all “kickside.. kickside.. kickside man come on! kickside” haha let me know..

  27. Kyle Says:

    On the T-Mobile website the MDA is now only 199.99 after rebates

    100.00 price cut

  28. Kyle Says:

    sorry, iI meant 299.99

  29. Adrian Says:

    T mobile is hidding something from the public becasue i just tried the KICKSIDE code and i told them i was a celebs personal assistant n they said that i neededto give their account info so they are hidding something.

  30. AJ Says:

    Adrian, damn!

  31. ashley Says:

    I went into t-mobile to buy a sidekick II and it turns out that all the sidekick II are off the shelves until the sidekick III comes out. They said that the company was told that the Sidekick III will be released at the end of the summer

  32. Scott Says:

    I don’t understand this, why would they reduce or halt the sidekick 2 production for so long, just to prepare for sidekick 3? It would be a waste of profit and risk losing customers by cutting them off and forcing them to wait until they’re frustrated?

  33. E Cruz Says:

    dude i was just thinking how sweet it’d be if everyone switched to cingular or verizon, because they won’t drop this sk3 on us already.. that’d teach em. they’d release a sick ass model of the sk then..

    sorry i saw V For Vendetta last night i’m a little go against the government, and fight the system-ish. good good movie though.

    man i can’t take this anymore. so many rumors with release dates and whatnot. the sk3 has got to be finished by now, and if they do wait until the holiday season i’m gonna be super pissed. they know they’ll make a ton of money on sales with this thing, and they’re reducing the prices on so many of their phones, so it’s got to be coming soon. and if not.. we all go V on their asses.

  34. E Cruz Says:

    the mister cartoon sidekick is off the tmobile website again.

  35. kobe worlds greatest Says:

    yo the sidekick 3’s are coming out in june. not sure what date tho. fact!

  36. junior Says:

    Well I had gone to a T-Mobile store to buy a SK2 and the clerk told me to just wait for SK3 which he said would come out June 6. Not sure if it’s true but I would go with that.

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