Calendar, Notes, and To Do Lists Recovered

It is time for all of you that were waiting on your other data to rejoice. You can now recover your Calendar, Notes, and To Do lists!
T-Mobile posted the following this morning:

Updated: 11/05/2009 8:30 AM PDT
Sidekick Restoration and Software Update
T-Mobile is pleased to announce that Calendar, To Do Lists, and Notes are now available for restoration on My T-Mobile. Microsoft/Danger continue to work on settings and photo restoration. We hope to have these available for our customers very soon.

Like they said, just jump onto and click Restore Your Info. You’ll select the Calendar, Notes, and To Do List items and then click sync. Automagically your data should then sync back to your Sidekick over the air. Let us know how it worked for you. Are you missing any data still or did they recover it all?

UPDATE: In case there’s any confusion, T-Mo put together a How-To.

36 Responses to “Calendar, Notes, and To Do Lists Recovered”

  1. eunice Says:

    I did this in the after noon. I pretty much got most of my stuff. I don’t know if anything is missing yet. Somethings were a bit off though, for some reason on my calendar list, a few things were posted 5 times on that same day for the same time. I’m not sure, but it was a bit weird. In the end though, I just deleted and it it seems that I have everything synced back.

  2. bubba Says:

    I would like to have this restore the same way the contacts did. I want my own local copy of the file.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    What about bookmarks?!

  4. DisKO Says:

    Figures. They fix it 4 hours AFTER I give up & switch my plan from sidekick data to android…

  5. Wicked1 Says:

    First, bummer, I’m not getting that $100, hahaha. But does anybody know if it is possible to get these in a file like the contacts or if they will show up on the Desktop Interface? Because they are not there now, just email and contacts, email still working even though I no longer have the sidekick plan. I really only care about the Notes.

  6. DisKO Says:

    I’m with you ^. The notes are the big deal. I’ve already rebuilt my calendar & to-do list at this point.

  7. Alessandra Says:

    This worked out pretty nicely for me, all I needed were my notes since I had nothing else on my Sidekick aside from that.

  8. Wicked1 Says:

    Its working now, I did the sync like I still have a sidekick and now the stuff is on the Desktop Interface. So do the same, and yours should show up. Now if they could get the pictures before I am no longer able to access the Desktop Interface, and I will be happy

  9. jimx2 Says:

    Most of my stuffs are back, I think not suree cuz I haven’t had them for like a month -.- but some things I know I deleted a long time ago was back on my phone too

  10. Anonymous Says:

    What about pictures?

  11. Wicked1 Says:

    They haven’t recovered pictures yet, the note they put out said they are still trying to recover the pics

  12. Ann Says:

    Sooooooooo glad to get my notes & calendar back!! If they can just recover my bookmarks now (had some very important stuff there that I can’t simply just google) & maybe my MMS messages (I was stupid & didn’t just save them to my album) I’d be golden.

  13. MIKO Says:

    Wondering if anyone got there download catalog working since the update mines still not working but evrything works fine? MY sideKick Is the 2008

  14. vm4L Says:

    wat about my internet bookmarks?? i also lost my ringtones!! any help?

  15. britneyfan Says:

    HILARIOUS!!!! I just got my Motorola Cliq in the mail today. Oh well I’m done with the sidekick, you’d have to be a fool to stay with that ting. BTW the Keyboard on the cliq is better than the lx 09 but still not better than the sidekick 3 just encase anyone is wondering.

  16. SIL Says:

    im glad to be getting my notes back, because i had multiple lists of movies, music, and books, stories, poems and such, but honestly, i still want my $100, for them to fix everything and think that’s it, is complete bull, i want some type of compensation for a month without all my information, and i still havent gotten back all of my contacts.

  17. Bugg Says:

    So no $100. Do we still get one month credit of data?

  18. ICON Says:

    I’d like my bookmarks back as well.

    Any idea if they’re still offering to waive the ETF? As of about a week ago, My LX09 has been crashing a lot lately on simple pages like Yahoo! hockey box scores, and it’s getting quite annoying. I don’t want to leave T-Mo/our beloved Sidekick cause I’ve got 9/7 yrs invested respectively, but this is aggrivating seeing as I THOUGHT I survived the outage…

  19. Goliath Says:

    Anybody else getting this?

    “Sorry—we’re not able to retrieve your information at this time. Please continue to check for the latest updates on our recovery efforts.”

  20. ziggy Says:

    well i have my sk prepaid andi logged on from my lap top but i dont see anything where i can restore my stuff. Is it diffrent if were prepaid?

  21. recognizedakick Says:

    I’m in my happy place! Notes and birthdays in my calendar are RESTORED! Yay me!! =D

  22. Jer Says:

    The only thing I actually lost was Bookmarks and so I wait…

  23. Moe Says:

    Left sidekicks for good! Android pleases me by far! no looking back but R.I.P Sidekick…………

  24. kevin Says:

    As far as being able to sync contacts back to the sidekick mine gave me the same screwyou-i mean we’re sorry message when I tried to dl them but I didn’t put anything in the calender until they said that the server was stable I just want my catalog so I can blow a prepaid t mobile card on tones and apps and games I need new callertunes!

  25. sheshotnews Says:

    do yuh needa pc to do thiiss ?

  26. kevin Says:

    Yeah u need access to the internet if u don’t have a pc go to the library

  27. meme Says:

    I don’t get whatthe big deal is why notes/to do lists everyone cars so much about. I didn’t rely on my phone’s notes nor did I rely on my phone for birthday reminder (that’s what Facebook is for haha). I could care less if I get the notes back. But because I can I will.


    Just when I got my iphone .. But hold up if yu read my post yull no that im a lx rider till the wheels fall off .. An nope I ait do it yet.. Why I had 2 cum on hiptop3 2 find that out I never got a text from them or any thing just suffin an said hey let me see whatthe ppl @ hiptop3 got 2 say an pow …. things are getin back 2 the reg… hum is it cus of the nu fones dropin I think so…. but that’s just me I wood love 2 see what’s goin 2 happen wit the hole sidekick thing.. Cus im an so ready 2 just out the window lol….. if they don’t step there game up…what they need 2 do is make they next lx have cydia an icy on it an things like that .. They got the power an they got the money let see what will they do wit it.!!!!!


  29. jack Says:

    is email back yet?

  30. MJ Says:

    DisKO on November 5, 2009 at 2:49 pm said:

    Figures. They fix it 4 hours AFTER I give up & switch my plan from sidekick data to android…

    lOl damn same here >.<
    oh well i love my new mytouch

  31. Wicked1 Says:

    It seems that they have recovered our pictures too. Through my t-mobile, you think on Restore contacts, todos, calendar etc. And they they allow you to enter an email address where you want your pictures sent. Yay. Now, I’ll have everything and will change my phone on the site from the sidekick to the Cliq

  32. meme Says:

    I am just now getting around to recovering my to-do, calendar and whatever else the other thing is and when I click submit it says error in the page. Is anyone getting this too?

  33. Anonymous Says:

    It seems intellisync and desktop interface are still hosed. too bad, the tmobile contact restore is pretty incomplete for me AND there is no way to restore my contacts or sync my calendar…. They are still driving people away from sidekick 🙁

  34. Koloheboy Says:

    What I notice is that, using this backup options will erase anything NEW you added to the sidekick. :/ which is stupid.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Goliath on November 6, 2009 at 10:11 am said:

    Anybody else getting this?

    “Sorry—we’re not able to retrieve your information at this time. Please continue to check for the latest updates on our recovery efforts.”

    i’m getting that. i’m about to break something!

  36. SIL Says:

    i got my ringtones back with this too, anyone else?

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