T-Mobile Nationwide Outage

Looks like the last thing T-Mobile needs right now is happening. I’m hearing reports from several people that there is a nationwide outage of sorts for T-Mobile right now. It doesn’t affect outgoing calls to non-T-Mobile phones, but if someone is trying to call you they’re probably just getting a busy signal right now. So far this is all we know, we’ll let you know if anything changes. Hopefully this will be short-lived.

UPDATE 4:30pm Pacific: Just got off the phone with T-Mobile, they’re acknowledging the outage and say that it is sporadic as far as what it is affecting. Texting, voice, and even internet was mentioned. She also mentioned that rumor had it that other carriers were experiencing similar problems right now but couldn’t name them. Their engineers are on it and it shouldn’t last long they say.

52 Responses to “T-Mobile Nationwide Outage”

  1. unknown Says:

    Man if ya ni99az hate tmobile,
    Get tha fukc on with your life instead of complainin about it, ya motherfukcah sound dumb as fukc hahahahahah

  2. Mikey2009 Says:

    I Just CAnt Open My Download Catalog Still!! Dis Really Sucks. . And My Sk Does Still Kinda Tweek n I Only Had it For 2months 14dayz. . Dts Not Long. Sum1 Has 2 Do Sumthin quick!

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