Don’t bother asking TMobile

As much as everyone is excited about the FCC docs finally breaking out, don’t bother asking TMobile about the Sidekick 3. TMobile employees received the following memo via

>T-Mobile frequently receives inquiries from customers interested in information about new handsets and data devices. Due to the popularity of the Sidekick, customers frequently ask about new versions of the device.
>Action steps
>Please use the following steps when addressing customer inquiries about new Sidekick products.
>Tell customers that we have no information on a new version of the Sidekick at this time.
>Do not speculate to customers about the availability of a new T-Mobile Sidekick product.
>Direct customers to, which is updated when there is new information available about Sidekick products.

Like we’ve always said, the Sidekick 3 doesn’t exist, it’s just an overhyped cat remote.

43 Responses to “Don’t bother asking TMobile”

  1. Ya Boy B Says:

    Wow…it figures, im still kinda dissapointed that it doesnt have video, man i was lookin forward to that!

  2. Comebackid Says:

    YEs i kno i just got a e-mial saying the same thing

  3. orangekitty19 Says:


  4. Comebackid Says:

    im gonna sho them tis site

  5. ilikeeggs Says:

    thats sooo gay

  6. Comebackid Says:

    i will sho yuo guys the e-mail the respond

  7. youngeurow Says:

    Yea show us that email man this is gay how the fuck u goin release a phone with no video wtf this really is the sk 2.5

  8. Comebackid Says:

    i will post on this it will have a lot of smileys on it like this


  9. youngeurow Says:

    *sigh* only way I will still get this phone is if the upgrade price is 100 and under I be damned if I pay nemore cause all it is is and “upgrade” its from a new edition to the sk series

  10. youngeurow Says:

    I meant its far from a new edition to the sk series

  11. Sk_4life Says:

    Well that sucks i just had emailed them asking about up grades. I hate when T-mobile keeps us in suspense even though i only had my sidekick since feb…. grown to b a faithfull customer

  12. xxqbnxx Says:


  13. akadrez Says:

    Wtf man, no video support, wuts dat shyt about, most phones have video support now days, and da “futures handheld pgone doesn’t”

  14. ohshhitscarl Says:

    Learn to spell, and read while you’re at it.
    Just like you said “futures handheld pgone”, its a pgone, not a video camera.

  15. R Kritikal Says:

    I called 2 different T-Mobile showrooms in the Sacramento area, they both gave me a date of July 10th, and one gave me features that it would have, such as what’s listed in the manuals, so the representatives here arn’t being too hush hush

  16. youngeurow Says:

    I wanna kno since it has edge will u be able to stream videos instead of not being able to record and if not will it be possible to unlock it?

  17. CJDynasty Says:

    I bet that you will be able to unlock the video.

  18. Diva3 Says:

    I second what R Kritikal said. I work in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and I went to a T-Mobile store today (not an authorized retailer, and actual T-Mobile store.) The sales rep there told me that T-Mobile was finally giving them definite information and that they have been told the Sidekick 3 will be available in stores in early to mid-July. He took my name and number and everything so that he could contact me the day it is released.

  19. D_cell Says:

    up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start
    to enable video on the SK3

  20. ohshhitscarl Says:

    lmao @ D_cell

  21. jacquilyne Says:

    I wonder how many people will actually try that..

  22. R Kritikal Says:


  23. SDWolf Says:

    I’m really not surprised T-Mobile isn’t saying anything.

    Then again, I’m also not surprised that the people in the T-Mobile stores are. I have a feeling more than a few of them read this site. 😉

  24. youngeurow Says:

    *sigh* this phone better come out fuckin soon!

  25. Justyn Time Says:

    What I got from the memo is that Tmobile is telling them to keep their mouth shut about shit they dont know anything about lol. Maybe theyve noticed that TMobile is the last place we go to for reliable tmobile info and they are trying to change that. I didnt take it as them trying to keep top secret info under wraps lol.

  26. xxqbnxx Says:

    Call CC and ask them … they tell u the excat same ****

  27. SDWolf Says:

    Dude, it’ll be out when it’s out, probably sometime in July.

    Relax before you sprain something. It’s just a phone, after all. 😉

  28. SDWolf Says:

    Dude, it’ll be out when it’s out, probably sometime in July.

    Relax before you sprain something. It’s just a phone, after all. 😉

  29. Sidekickchik Says:

    T-mobile is so dumb, their customer service reps told me it was coming out as well as the in store employees! We all know its coming out, T-mobile needs to stop trippin lol

  30. tonightwestorm Says:

    d_cell.. bringing back the old school genisis cheats..

  31. Comebackid Says:

    i still havent got taht e-mail

  32. sidekickurhead Says:

    yea r kritical isnt lieing i live in new york but i went on the t mobile website and used the store locator to call stores for different states and the big cities such as nyc,miami,and la acted like they didnt kno when it was comeing out but if u call a small city state like new hamshire they will tell you that the sidekick3 comes out on july 10th and that the price tag is $350-$400

  33. youngeurow Says:

    Damn I went to the tmobile store today in towson md and I was like so when is that sk…..the guy automatically cut me off and said july 10th and if u had ur sidekick for 9th months or more u r able to get an upgrade if not then u have to pay full price after that I just turned around and walked out its like he read my mind guess hes tired of everyone askin or he goes to this website lol

  34. DarkFury Says:

    That or he’s just as hyped about it as you and he wants to get one for himself.

  35. Comebackid Says:



    Thank you for taking the time to write to T-Mobile. My name is Pamela
    and I am here to assist you.

    I understand to hear of your disappointment with our Customer Care. I
    understand that you believe we are withholding information from you
    regarding the possible release of a new Sidekick device due to a website
    you have found.

    Brenda, I can appreciate your eagerness to find out about the latest
    Sidekick device releases. We truly do not have access to any information
    regarding a new Sidekick device and we do not believe in providing
    false information to our valued customers. Please understand that if a new
    Sidekick is released, once we are provided with the necessary details
    such as the cost and release dates, we will have no problem providing
    you with all of the details we have. I assure you that we want to be the
    first ones to tell you about new handset and device model releases.

    Again, please visit for updated and new information
    available about Sidekick products. We thank you for your patience and

  36. youngeurow Says:

    LMAO they r so bullshitten every1 knos just give us a price

  37. CJDynasty Says:

    LOL, thats true! And just like a true business, they still have the sk2 available and breakin ballz considering that it will be obsolete in a month or so.


    the girl needs to give back the sk2 and it wil all be over and done with. (the girl pics res. looks better than my sk2, lol)

  39. youngeurow Says:

    *sigh* please pleasssse update this site even the “other” websites have updated got damn!

  40. DarkFury Says:

    I’d rather wait for REAL news rather than seeing the site updated with bullsh*t just because we want news.

  41. InkDrinker Says:

    Ctrl + W unlocks new content on this website… New pics, features, and data content are all unlockable… Silly hiptop guys had to keep all there data a secret until we found out the code, gotta admit it fooled me… o well i like their style

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  43. j+[h Says:

    How can u even like these gay phones they screw up all the times they look gay and they brake heaps easy

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