The official word on the Sidekick 3 from the FCC!

Manuals, photos, internal photos, all sorts of stuff are available here
Some quick links for you:
External Photos
Internal Photos
Test Setup Photos
Reference Guide Cover
Sidekick 3 Start Guide
Sidekick 3 Reference Guide (part 1)
Sidekick 3 Reference Guide (part 2)

The manual pages look very familiar. Some interesting observations:
– The SonicBOOM manual page we received matches up almost exactly with the “Music Player” page, so looks like a name change. 🙁
– No video support 🙁
– There’s a considerable section on the “Danger Service Privacy Notice” and what sort of information they collect and share.
– Yes, USB 1.1, not 2.0
– MP3s play off the miniSD card
– EDGE support!
– Bluetooth (as if noone saw that coming)

and I’m sure our commenters will have some other things to point out…

128 Responses to “The official word on the Sidekick 3 from the FCC!”

  1. smubound Says:

    The reason that I’m going to buy this version of the sk3 is just to say that I have it…lol…but I’m defiantely going to buybthe video version as well….all that depending if the roadmap is correct or not

  2. ohshhitscarl Says:

    I’m glad someone is reading the memos and whatnot. Lots of information in there.
    But negative. What #6 is saying is that Sharp didn’t submit the documentation for the EDGE Test Component to the FCC properly, and they needed to do so because GSM and GPRS are different applications than EDGE.

    Hope that clears it up.

  3. Sk_4life Says:

    Does iny 1 have iny idea about how much we the exchange price is gonna b im hopin its 100 dollars….
    but does iny 1 have iny clue

  4. ohshhitscarl Says:

    On another note. T-Mobile does carry MMS messages. The Sidekick just never supported it before.
    This version looks like it has integrated MMS into it’s original SMS.
    I do find it odd however, that it says this in the manual, “Press JUMP to go to the Jump screen. Scroll to highlight Text Messages, then press the trackball to open the application.”
    Perhaps the messaging option has been split similar to the way the instant messages have, but most likely not.

    The manual also states this:
    “In the Email and MMS compose screens, the right shoulder
    button opens your photo albums so you can select a photo to attach to the
    message, and the left shoulder button opens the voice recorder.”

    Which leads me to believe even more that the “Phone Messaging” has been split to include Voice Mails, Text Messages and now MMS.

  5. ohshhitscarl Says:

    I apologize. T-Mobile Siddekick II * never supported it before. (T-Mobile being the operative word)

    Since the manual put out by the FCC was written primarily by T-Mobile, this leads me to believe that MMS is integrated.

  6. AcE Says:

    Ok, well all know sk2 doesn’t have MMS, but there is a site ( that lets you send pics through ur tmail to other cell phones. So if the Sidekick 3 doesn’t have MMS… You can you the stuff on

    And 2 track man…. is the same as… It send songs to ur tmail and you can play them…

  7. trackman Says:

    Danger doesn’t have to tell everything to the fcc does it? Because they still prolly have some stuff that they want to stay hidden until launch.

  8. SDWolf Says:

    EDGE is /NOT/ WiFi.

    Even the SidekickII fetches an IP address- that’s just part of connecting to the GPRS network, and allows the Sidekick to communicate online. Just because it gets an IP doesn’t mean that it has WiFi.

    Dialup Internet connections also get IP addresses, but they aren’t WiFi, either. All an IP address allows you to do is communicate over the Internet. That’s it.

  9. murdermittenmatt Says:

    yea i know SD. i just dont get why danger would put that it seemlessly connects to wireless networks if it only connects to one. the tmobile “network” im going to school for networking, anything over the internet has IP, i was just saying that it referred to the internet.

  10. AcE Says:

    Sorry about the double post… My other one wasn’t showin up so I posted it again..sry

  11. ohshhitscarl Says:

    The only documents Sharp needs to present to the FCC is what has been submitted already. The only thing the FCC doesn’t make public is the formal proposal for their PV-200 to be considered for admittance to the Federal US Communications Annex. Ofcourse there will be changes, the formal proposal was submitted sometime in September-November of last year. The documents the FCC has are simply an outline of what the device will be, basically.
    There are bound to be improvements and changes.

  12. dmgmtmobile Says:

    This web site is so fake. The sidekick III is not coming out. It has been discontinued for now because of the leak to the public

  13. ohshhitscarl Says:

    Also, in the manual when it talks about “Connecting to wireless networks seamlessly” they are talking about Wireless Carrier Networks. Since Wireless networks have something called “Outbound Neutrality” (incase signal fails for whatever reason), your device is able to pick up another major *network* that is nearby and can be read by your device. Since each device has it’s own IMEI #, the IMEI # is looked up in a central database and then the corresponding carrier which you are leasing will bill your actual carrier for Digital Roaming charges, in a nutshell.
    And on another note, why the hell do you need WiFi? It’s a phone lamo, not a computer. T-Mobile provides you internet access with your $20 unlimited plan. If you were able to pick up wireless computer networks then there would be a whole other issue on hand for not only the FCC but every wireless carrier.
    If the SK3 had access to wireless computer networks then it would be in a completely different class of devices. Plus, you would be taking away business from your carrier because you won’t *need* their data services if you had access to WiFi.

  14. AcE Says:

    And how do you know?? The leak to the public is a good thing… More people know, more people will buy = More Money… If I’m wrong.. Correct me.

  15. youngeurow Says:

    Yea I’m just gettin it to say that I have it but I’m still considering the mda its just so sexy but if there’s other versions of the sk3(video) then I will go and get that instead

  16. KoryHutchinson Says: sux…hitptop3 is the truth….ill tell y’all details about the launch party….dmgmtmobile is retarded…holla at ya boy

  17. SDWolf Says:

    The MDA sucks. Seriously, it has stability issues, the phone is lousy, the keyboard is awful, and you have to use the /TINY/ stylus for just about everything. I know someone who has one, and I’ve toyed with one myself, and as much as I like PocketPC devices in general, I’m NOT impressed with the MDA.

  18. murdermittenmatt Says:

    mda. had it. sucked balls. returned it and waited for this. nuff said.

  19. youngeurow Says:

    Damn is the mda that bad!?

  20. murdermittenmatt Says:


  21. kathleen Says:

    MDA is terrible. Mine started fritzing, had to return it. AIM never worked, never had data service. It would freeze and lock up. The camera was good, bluetooth was nice, mp3 player was awesome. But the Sidekick 3 will have all of those.

  22. trackman Says:

    Kathleen do u live in the country or city

  23. SDWolf Says:

    Similar problems about the MDA here, and I’m in San Jose, CA, the so-called, “capitol of the silicon valley.”

    Interesting side-note: Danger’s HQ is right across town from me… 😉

  24. Ya Boy B Says:

    What’s poppin? I dont know about y’all but tonight I am giong to be watchin every minute of the NBA finals because i think t mobile is going to start advertising the sidekick 3 tonight..or sometime during the NBA finals because for one then sponser the NBA finals, and for 2 they know everyone will be watching and it’d be a good time to start advertising since its just around the corner…does anyone else have any insight or this or have they heard anything about it?

  25. kathleen Says:

    I live in los angeles, ca. Never had a service problem before getting the mda 🙂

  26. youngeurow Says:

    Damn what about the sda? But whateva I’m tired as fuck cause I waisted my damn time watching the nba finals and saw nothing dealing with the sk3. When in the hell is this website going to post new news?

  27. InkDrinker Says:

    Personally I’m going to wait for the mini sidekick to come out I heard its gonna be off the ringer!

  28. dawn Says:

    SMASH on June 6, 2006 at 1:09 pm said:

    meh i was hoping for video….

    o well

    can someone put up screenshots of these links cuz it wont open on my computer

    thank you

    Ok. I understand that sidekicks are supposed to be a great deal. But ¥ only update the lx. We all paid the same amount for our phones, and expect extra ordinary things, like videos. Or usb 2.0. What’s the big wait for time to upgrade the 3’s now.

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