FCC Docs close to release

The FCC has updated the page and it looks like we’ll get a chance to see some official documentation, photos, and more very soon. Right now it’s returning a server error, but hopefully that will get straightened out soon.

6 Responses to “FCC Docs close to release”

  1. D_cell Says:


  2. D_cell Says:

    B I T CH ES

  3. youngeurow Says:

    Ha I posted this info first in the last response for the sk3 in the wild hahahahahahah praise me the sk3 is born on 666 the anti christ of the pdas no but seriously they need to fix that error shit right now!

  4. oracle Says:

    Its working now!

  5. oracle Says:

    Looks as if there is no video and no data transfer via bluetooth

  6. Sidekick III Says:

    o god im going to bust a nut! i need it so bad! m sad it dont have video, but it dose have speackerhpone and bluetooth, really the only update was the sd card and bluetooth, cus MOST of us know how to play whole songs on our SK2;s, oh and they added msn, but yeah i was kinda expecting more….oh well, i will still buy it….

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