Gecko browser is not the Sidekick Gekko

A screenshot of a Javascript error was posted on the PBD forums. It says nothing about a Sidekick Gekko. It just happens that the engine that Danger uses for the Sidekick browser (on all their devices) back-end web proxy (to be exact) is based on the Gecko layout engine, just like Firefox and Netscape. So, nope this doesn’t confirm anything about the Gekko sadly. Not to mention that this sort of screenshot is easily faked with literally 1 line of code on a webpage. The original screenshot below:

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One Response to “Gecko browser is not the Sidekick Gekko”

  1. hi im Says:

    Lol I was going to post on the pbd fourm when I saw this that this is not related to the sidekick gekko but decided not too

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