No Windows Mobile Sidekick Edition

Or at least not planned yet… Joel Evans over at is saying that a little birdy told him that there is no plan in the near future for a Windows Mobile Sidekick. He was told this at a pre-Mobius event. Mobius is an invite only community run by Microsoft that apparently hasn’t found our address to send us an invite yet. Actually what he quotes is “no new phone” is in the works. We already know that Danger is working on new devices, but this confirms that Microsoft isn’t working on new hardware and we highly doubt Danger has made any efforts to get Windows Mobile running on their current platforms.

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5 Responses to “No Windows Mobile Sidekick Edition”

  1. sdk4fiend Says:

    thats stupid microsoft is gonna add zune but they cant add windows mobile 2 the sidekick is dumb

  2. hi im Says:

    Eww gross are you serious? You want windows mobile on a sidekick. Obviously there was a reason that they aren’t or didn’t. They probably or at least should know that it would have people find different phones if they were to add windows mobile on the sidekick. Plus it would just ruin the sidekick

  3. Theicool Says:

    I hope they don’t add windows on the kick.. But I hope they help danger to upgrade the next sidekick.. Maybe a touch screen… louder speaker! A good video recorder!

  4. hamilton Says:

    I love windows mobile 6 msn. If they could add elements if not hole thing of that to the sidekick would be great.

  5. Bones15 Says:

    OH THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!

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