Sidekick ZunePhone?

Everyone and their brother has been sending in links about how there was a comment made by Chris Stephenson, the GM of Marketing for Zune, that mentioned that they are trying to find ways to mesh Danger and the Zune team. As of now it’s just a comment, and there’s no confirmation or discussion of a Zune Phone. Our guess is that Danger is being tapped for their UI experience because their operating systems have always been super intuitive and easy to use. But there’s always the possibility of a Zune Phone, but the question is “Would anyone buy one?”


20 Responses to “Sidekick ZunePhone?”

  1. Ryan Yo Says:

    I’m definitely an iPod person.

  2. Bones15 Says:

    I hope this does not happen! It would be so lame and it will def BOMB. I know I would never buy it. NEVER…!

  3. Theicool Says:

    I’m still waiting fot the release date of the video OTA!

  4. sdk4fiend Says:

    why not i think is pretty cool havin a sidekick with zune is gonna be a better music player more like the iphone 2 in 1 wont hurt

  5. T0626N Says:

    I would buy it. I’ve never owned a Zune but I will NEVER go back to iPods I’ve owned two iPod videos and they both crapped out a little after a year. Actually I lied, the one I have now is still functional however the screen is completely broken. Whenever I turn it on there are just pinkish blue lines all over the screen. I can only use it in shuffle mode which I accomplish by rolling my thumb counterclockwise until it can’t roll anymore.

    However I am a big Sidekick fan, I’ve had my SK3 for a little over a year. I talk and text on that phone A LOT and it’s still working beautifully.

    Danger already has a strong Sidekick following. The ZunePhone would work if Microsoft creates a stronger fanbase for its MP3 player. Before they launch a phone the folks at Microsoft need to launch a Zune that wipes the floor with the iPod. That doesn’t just include the MP3 player itself, but also vastly improving the Zune software. It needs to make iTunes look like a pile of dog do-do.

  6. Bones15 Says:

    To the above post…


  7. T0626N Says:

    To the above post…

    Looks like I ticked off an nutty Apple fanatic.

  8. Bones15 Says:

    To the above post…

    Apple fanatic? As if. Just because I don’t believe MS can turn a shitious Zune into a more, attractive, and wider user-based media player doesn’t make me an Apple Fanatic. And I wouldn’t want the Sidekick name dragged down into the ground.
    Now the type of fanatic I am is a Sidekick fanatic. :]

  9. T0626N Says:

    To the above post…

    And why is not not possible for Microsoft or any other company to come out with a better product than Apple? The Apple iPod is the most popular MP3 player out there but they are in no way the best. From my experience they offer adequate sound quality with poor reliability. MS can make a better product but it won’t happen overnight.

  10. Bones15 Says:

    To the above post…

    Dude I never even mentioned Apple. We’re talking about a Sidekick Zunephone. And idc if they would make a Zunephone. But don’t put the Sidekick name next to it. You get me?

    Cuz that would ruin the SK name IMO.

    Your calling me an Apple fanatic yet I never mentioned Apple, or iPods. Soo…wtf?

  11. eddieskankface Says:

    Let’s agree to disagree? Yeah?

    Either way, it would be interesting to see, but I don’t think I would get it. Zunes aren’t my thing. :O

  12. T0626N Says:


    Like I said in my first post, as of right now Zune isn’t all that great. Microsoft needs to make the Zune into an iPod killer before they make a ZunePhone. Wouldn’t you think that a product that is every way superior to the iPod make a good companion to the Sidekick?

  13. Bones15 Says:

    Yes, I agree. But there was no need to call me an Apple Fanatic.

    Anyways, did anyone notice that in the catalog there is an Excel Viewer now?

  14. T0626N Says:

    Likewise, there was no need to imply that I was on crack cocaine.

  15. Bones15 Says:

    LOL ok. Truce?
    Wow we’re off subject…

  16. T0626N Says:

    Yes very off subject, but yea truce. We’re good now 🙂

  17. lala Says:

    Hmm lets just see what happens it seems like in the near future things probally happen who knows but its funny how now ppl see the potential the sidekick has on ppl

  18. Theicool Says:


  19. Leelaa000 Says:

    ugh! i refuse to ever own an ipod.

    anyways i personally don’t care about a music player on my phone unless the battery was way superior than what it is now (sk3). i have an mp3 player already so that is not on my priority list as far as phone improvements go.

    if the battery life of a new sidekick is way better, than maybe i will drop my mp3 player. i just hope there are like 8g and up memory cards available on ebay that are compatible with sidekicks. maybe a sidekick with a sdhc memory slot would be ideal.

  20. hamilton Says:

    If they could just add zune to the music player on the sidekick it would be great!

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