Get a Discount on your T-Mobile Bill

Consumerists reminds us that there are all sorts of ways to get discounts on your various bills. This time it’s about getting a discount on your T-Mobile bill because of who you work for. Check in with your boss and see if your employer has any sort of arrangement with T-Mobile and you might be able to get a couple bucks shaved off your monthly bill. If you’re a part of organizations, banks, etc. you might also be eligible as well. You’ll need to call T-Mobile Corporate Migrations at 877-453-8824 in order to claim your discount. Want to see if any organizations or employers qualify you? A quick Google search of that phone number turns up a ton of results. Let us know in the comments if your organization or employer is on the list!

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8 Responses to “Get a Discount on your T-Mobile Bill”

  1. a Says:

    Wow this site is starving for posts, how about this find out how I can get outta my contract with out the termination fee I am stuck with this lx with terrible aps that I pay for monthly, please find out how to cancel without the termination fee so I can get a bold or iphone and get rid of the middleschooler phone

  2. admin Says:

    Go bother another blog if you don’t like the sidekick.

  3. meems Says:

    Lol I know must be same kid posting that.. Bro if you don’t like the sidekick you shouldn’t have kept it.. I got a g1 I returned it within the 14 day trial period I guess you dropped the ball o wells now you have to suffer with something you don’t want! O wellsssssssss

  4. john Says:

    yes! I can get $30 off my bill every month!

  5. The World Town Says:

    If you work for starbucks you get discounts on tmobile/Apple/Verizon.

  6. max b Says:

    comcast has a discount too

  7. jeinnyz Says:


  8. Allyson C. Drake Says:

    I have about my our own old sidekickII pager for memory from t-mobile. I will contact to message 1-240-291-5827…

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