InvisibleSHIELDs and ZAGGskins

ZAGGSkins for 50% off

If you don’t have an InvisibleShield on your Sidekick (or whatever device you’re using) then you risk getting scratches on the screen. Not only does this get super annoying since bad scratches make it hard to see what’s on the screen, but it also reduces the amount you can resell the device for later. My friends and I all swear by InvisibleShields to protect our screens. If oyu don’t have one, you can buy one through Sidekick Shopper and get 15%.

ZAGG, the makers of the InvisibleShield, have recently come out with a new thing called ZAGGskins. Skins are nothing new, but now there are skins that actually protect your device because they’re made of the same stuff as the InvisibleShields. Unfortunately they don’t have skins for the Sidekicks, so shoot them an email telling them that you’d buy one if they had them! In the meantime if you want to protect your iPod, Blackberry, iPhone, or laptop head over to ZAGG’s site before November 30th because they’re 50% off!

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