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I know, I know.. this post is almost blasphemous, but I thought it might be helpful for some of you out there. After all, Android is another project by the same guy that helped bring us Danger! (I’m talking about Andy Rubin) Don’t worry, I’m keeping my Sidekick LX 2009, and hiptop3.com will continue running. We ain’t going nowhere.

That said, the Sidekick Disaster of October had a lot of people start thinking about leaving the Sidekick, but the big question is and was: which device to jump to? It seems like there are three solid choices: iPhone, Blackberry, and Android. Each one is different in its own way, and none of them compare to some of the features that the Sidekick has. From my experience and talking with people it feels like the Android platform comes the closest to the Sidekick.

So I sat down and put together Android Shopper to help compare all the different Android devices on the market right now. If you’re thinking about buying an Android device but aren’t sure which one, I’d recommend checking out the comparison of Android phones. If you’ve already switched to an Android device (or tried one in the past), please leave a comment on the “More Info” page for the phone you tried telling everyone what you loved/hated about it!

BTW, anyone want to start a petition to get Android on the Sidekick platform? 🙂

61 Responses to “Looking At An Android Device?”

  1. mroctobersown Says:

    EPIC FAIL@ setnakt says

  2. Cracka Says:

    Wtf is wrong with you people? I can see you leaving the sidekick as a brand but T-mobile has the cheapest plans of any carrier out there. And the Droid???? Are you serious?? Have you guys seen the Nokia N900 or the HTC HD2? Enjoy getting ripped off at Verizon. Im copping the N900 in a week. So long Sidekick!!!!

  3. Kara Harkins Says:

    Umm … I am paying my new carrier $30 for my data plan … the exact same price as I paid t-mobile. Plus it is 20 cents/min for any voice calls, unlike t-mobile which jacked it to 45 cents during this mess. I am paying them 7$ a month more for optional insurance …. but I never had that option with my SK or I would have bought it gladly.

    No, I am not going through verizon. They restricted their data-only plan to the ‘chosen few’ corps the week the Droid was released.

  4. Cracka Says:

    Ugh. Ever heard of Even More Plus???? Its this new thing going around. You know. $79.99 and it gets you unlimited everything with no contract. Just a lil PSA. Hope it helps you.

  5. Kanye Says:

    I guess they’re gonna sell the last little bit of sidekicks for DIRT cheap! Not a good phone to invest in if you plan on taking it the long run….

  6. Pete Says:

    I already gave up on my hiptop (sidekick) in Australia after Telstra decided not to offer the 2009, a couple of system crashes and slow slow data speeds. Changed to an iphone 3GS (great apps, terrible battery life) and a new HTC Hero for work.

    Both platforms work well, there are free apps that are useful, and the layout can be customised!

  7. smackiesfunkies Says:

    i really used to be a die hard sk fan
    but right after the release of the sk slide
    my eyes were completely open. went back to my iphone and then from there the g1 then back to the iphone lol and now the mytouch3g.
    i just really realized how FAR behind the sk is technology wise…sure theyre kinda catching up now but i mean come on!
    also the fact that u have to pay for every single thing on that phone…aside from themes, nice little touch to be able to make ur own ringtones and not pay out the a** for it.
    still makes me sad to see that M$ is basically running sks/danger into the ground so im sure they wont be around much longer
    but ill always have a special thing for em

  8. Anonymous Says:

    ICON on November 16, 2009 at 12:53 am said:

    Ok…I’m confused…

    Perhaps I’m missing something, but the last several times (and currently in a seperate tab) I’ve checked Verizon plans, I see a “Connect” plan that has 450 mins, unlimited text, MMS, and data for $69.99.

    Having never been a Verizon customer, or had any chats with any Verizons associates, I cannot say whether a ‘data plan’ needs to be added to partake in the Droid, so clearificated would be appreciated. Though I may go check it out tomorrow for myself.

    You have the Connect Plan, which is good.

    However, just like the Sidekick, if you want to use data, you have to add on a SmartPhone plan from Verizon Wireless. That allows you to browse the web, download from the App Store, etc.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I have the G1 its closest to a sidekick to me i left the sidekick back when the Lx was the hot stuff because the Android was so new and mysterious and i couldn’t help my self. So i bought a G1 and fell in love. I’ve since returned to a sidekick when the 2009 came out to see what it was about and see all the “change” it made from an 08. the sidekick Lx 2009 had one to many crashes for me and all in all just didn’t feel new enough it still had that same childish sidekick feel ( Real sidekick users that switched and then went back know what i mean ) that I’ve come to hate since using the G1. the sidekick still has a way to go before it can be up with pretty much all android devices.

  10. Hennessy408 Says:

    so i was talking to a rep for tmobile and we where talking about the new mytouch slide that will be coming out soon and i asked the rep if it was really goin to replace the sidekick line cuz i was thinking about goin back to my sidekick (i have the mytouch) and they said i dont know BUT rumor has it that the sidekick just might go touch screen and will have the Android platform on it but if anything it wont come out till the end of this year early next.. idk if da rep was just talking out of there a** or if they was being real… so i thinkn im just goin to save my money just n case if it does come out n if not then im just goin to get the mytouch slide (not dat i want to i much rather buy da sidekick)

  11. Katherine Says:

    No complaints on this end, silmpy a good piece.

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