More Sidekick 3 Box pictures

We received some more Sidekick 3 box pictures. They have a “don’t steal” watermark, but we don’t know where they came from. If anyone out there would be kind enought o do a full photo documentation of the unpacking of a sidekick 3 and all the accessories, that would rock. If you do, just email it to

28 Responses to “More Sidekick 3 Box pictures”

  1. exileayahika Says:


  2. jephwhy Says:

    anyone know if there is a trade-in program for existing SK owners? also, can the SK3 use MP3s as ringtones and other alerts (i.e. for IM, email notification, etc.)?

  3. InkDrinker Says:

    The Sidekick box looks sexier than the sidekick…

  4. Woahh Says:

    I agree with InkDrinker

  5. Strobin Says:

    Wonder who is going to just the THE BOX on ebay LOL. I’ll start the bid at $100

  6. youngeurow Says:

    🙂 sk3 compatable with the ps3 via usb j/k would be great tho I wonder will I use my sk3 as much as I use my sk2

  7. phguap Says:

    ive been iffy bout buyin the sk3, but the all the details arent even out yet so Ill see

  8. orlandoxx69 Says:

    hey im bored someone add me its that i already have the sidekick3 so ………. wat to do

  9. KoryHutchinson Says:

    1st off….all thes epeople who post and say “first” u r low lives find something better to do rather than check this stupid site every 5 seconds geeeezus…anyhow…if you go to and click the link that says a special hookup for t-mobile account holders….i called t-mobiles customer service and told them aout the site…after they asked me if it was on i wa sput on hold for 5 minutes and he came back with a heap load of info try it out

  10. fredjunior Says:

    Judging from the last picture where it has a clear t-mobile phone advertisement and the post-it note on the sidekick 3 box that says “do not show customers” and “do not take from…” makes it pretty clear that these pics are coming from a t-mobile store or some other t-mobile location.

  11. exileayahika Says:

    well said kory. where would i be without your sage advice?

    on a sidenote: i still think the SKII was better looking

  12. ohshhitscarl Says:

    well when i get my sk3, im gonna put my sk2 on ebay :\ someone’s gotta buy it right? lol.

  13. zman Says:

    they sell sk1 on ebay, u will find a buyer for a sk2

  14. ohshhitscarl Says:

    These pictures are from some Store Owner. If you sharpen the image you can see a sticky that says “Do Not Show Customers”.

  15. aMaZin Says:

    Damn it I cant wait more! I have a little problem. Currently I am in a family plan that has been over for a month and we have yet to sign up. BUT the next time around i do not want to be in the family plan, do you guys think they will still consider me a TMOBILE customer even though I was not the one paying the bill….? I dunno if I am just thinkin too much about the darn thing…..

  16. orlandoxx69 Says:

    the sidekick3 is a good friend its really comfrotable its really really gooood i love it i have had like a for 3 days or 4 and i love it its the best friend cuz im gonna live in the usa so i dont need suncom i got t-mobile but my friend from puerto rico was askin is it comin the same day as everyone else july 10th or do they have to wait more?:)

  17. Marcofromda510 Says:

    aMaZiN, as long as your family is still currently with t-mobile, then everyone in your family plan that owns a mobile phone is a customer. As long your number is with t-mobile, your a customer, so relax and wait till the 28th, when Danger and T-mobile releases the last of their secrets and information.

  18. ohshhitscarl Says:

    i’m not sure what youre trying to say. If you and your family are in a family plan then everyone in the family plan is a T-Mobile customer. If you are in a family plan you have the option to “expand” a family plan account and create an individual account.
    If you are in a family plan and have been T-Mobile customers for over a month then you will not be eligible for the SK3 upgrade, unfortunately. T-Mobile requires users to be under contract for atleast 11 months before you are eligible for phone upgrades.
    Anything else I could help you or anyone on this thing could help you with just ask. Or you could always call T-Mobile Customer Serivce, that’s what they’re paid to do 😉

    why the hell does orlandoxx69 keep posting the same ignorant, gramatically incorrect, CRAP all over the website’s comments? Moron.

  19. phguap Says:

    ohshhitscarl on June 24, 2006 at 7:55 pm said:

    These pictures are from some Store Owner. If you sharpen the image you can see a sticky that says “Do Not Show Customers”.

    i thought it said do not steal pictures

  20. aMaZin Says:

    thanks Carl, really helpful info!!!

  21. phguap Says:

    to ohshhitscarl, nvm i see it now 😛 yea thats the demo they send out to all the retail stores prolly

  22. InkDrinker Says:

    K so you know how if you sign up for a 2year/1year contract you get a better ddeal on the device. Exactly what kind of contract do u have to sign with Tmobile? Can it just be an unlimited data plan contract? or do you have to have a voice/data plan?

  23. Marcofromda510 Says:

    Ok quick question, what’s the difference with the data plan and the voice/data plan?

  24. elyk28 Says:

    10 bucks a month is the difference…

  25. ONLY1CHAMP Says:


  26. dddduuuuuuddee Says:

    i held one of these today. they had a sidekick down at the tombile store by my house and the manager let me take a look at it

  27. Ed teh Pirate Says:


    hello all, i’m trying to aquire a sidekick 3…. box. Yes, just the box =P I’m working on playing a pretty harsh joke on my ex-girlfriend. Apparently, at one of the parties that i recently crashed with a highly trained tactical assault team composed of me and a couple buddies, armed with supersoakers, waterballoons, and a camera, i may have accidentally destroyed her cell phone…. accidentally of course. Anyways, as her birthday’s coming up, and she’s not really all too happy with me, i’ve decided to buy her a “sidekick3” or so she thinks. If anyone has just the box that a sidekick 3 comes with that they’re willing to part with i’d be extremely grateful. I may even be able to post pictures of her face as she opens it and finds no sidekick in it… assuming i’m able to make it out of her house with all my limbs. I’m going to try best buy / the dumpster behind bestbuy to see if i come up with any finds, but any replies are sure welcome. Thanks.

  28. alyssa Says:

    ok wut did the sideskick come wit when u got it ? like wut came in the box? and do u like ur sidekick

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