Sidekick 3 sells for $4050

We were pointed to this auction on ebay where a Sidekick 3 went for $4,050!!! We’re hoping this wasn’t a legit bid. Who would pay $4gs for a phone they can get for a couple hundred dollars in a few days?

15 Responses to “Sidekick 3 sells for $4050”

  1. six09theory Says:

    uhh..ok. dontcha think if they were selling it for over 4 g’s they would have personal pics of the sidekick 3..not ones you would find in google? i think its fake.

  2. uhhuh_yeaaaok Says:

    umm yeaaa….im wit dat guy^^….no real personal pics & he prolly got dat box pic frm dis site right here…..lmao 4g’s das craziiii….hopefully the winning bidder has just been told by his/her doctor dat they were goin ta die in 3 days, therefore he/she decided ta spend there $$ on watever and have fun while they still can…just a theory. FAKE. duecez

  3. katelynkane Says:

    the auction may or may not be fake but I’m positive that the bidder is. They didn’t have any feedback and no one in their right mind would pay that much. ever.

  4. zman Says:

    It could be high cuz it had 20 bids, but what a dumbass couldn’t wait to get one, and right now REAL pics of it.

  5. zman Says:

    Sorry I am half asleep lol, if that last message was messed up

  6. Marcofromda510 Says:

    I say it could be possible, buts really sad, as for no new pictures being available, it does say the box is unopened, so that would explain the no new pics, also to think about he used the same box pic as from this site, and he could have taken new pics of his roomates Sidekick 3. But since its on Ebay and the info looks legit, guys a sucka.

  7. orlandoxx69 Says:

    i wouldnt do it thats a lowlife

  8. StArriEcOLiE Says:

    All i can say is…………. thirsty’s……….

  9. citrinebaby05 Says:

    for $4k it better come with gps tracking, voice command, makes breakfast, picks up dry cleaning, goes on lame dates and does my work for me…… otherwise for that much moola i don’t se why they couldn’t wait til the 28th or july10th….. but if anybody knows of a device that will do the above mentioned things, lemme know 😛

  10. InkDrinker Says:

    your mom.

  11. InkDrinker Says:

    Anywho, I called Tmo and they told me that the 1000 minutes for 39.99 a month does not include free N’s&W’s so I think many people would be better off buying the 39.99/month for 600 minutes and Free N&W’s… So no rush buying this plan for your sidekick b4 it the plan itself expires.

  12. Faufrey Says:

    been looking at the MDA. sounds pleasing right about now.. the only thing holding me back is the hard to use keyboard. and the fact that i love the sidekick design. pretty tempting tho.

  13. zman Says:

    With the mda u have to pay more with the data and text messaging, so I would get a sk3, plus u need that lil stick thing to control the screnn

  14. citrinebaby05 Says:

    InkDrinker on June 25, 2006 at 12:20 pm said:

    your mom.

    wow… what an amazing lame response, but i think ur mom just might do the trick, she still charging $20 a pop right??

  15. joeblow08 Says:

    zman on June 25, 2006 at 2:31 pm said:

    With the mda u have to pay more with the data and text messaging, so I would get a sk3, plus u need that lil stick thing to control the screnn

    No you dont’t, your finger works just as good.

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