MSN Messenger and Address Book

We received these screenshots a few days ago, but forgot about them while we drooled over the blue and red trackball! But here they are. The comment with the MSN screenshot was, “Don’t know if the SK3 will keep it at launch. But here’s the login screen.” And our source added, “More to come over the weeks.” To add to their authenticity, we received the MSN screenshot on May 22nd at 4:34pm and the Address Book screenshot at 5:52pm.

11 Responses to “MSN Messenger and Address Book”

  1. johnnycake Says:

    1 st. !!!!!!!!!!

  2. s4xton Says:

    Jabber? Prolly not then, eh? How about new features?

  3. johnnycake Says:

    ooh yeah i was 1st i didn’t even read the article i just click and typed really fast pathetic actually but really addicting.

  4. djdarkx Says:

    I really dout that the new layout looks like that. The MSN sign-on screen looks the same as the one posted somewhere else for the Hiptop 2 and the Address Book could have been photoshopped just to add the “Address Book” icon and the Hiptop 3 icon. I know some pople here will agree wth me.

  5. djdarkx Says:

    Sorry, also, the date can be photoshopped. I’ve done it before, plus I have converted the text used for the date into a Windows TruTye font for easy editing. Sorry guys, it just reeks of photoshop.


  6. TheCake2005 Says:

    I am so close to just breaking down and buying a sidekick 2. does anyone know an exact date for the three? my Nextel shit is dookey.

  7. Woahh Says:

    Well.. I don’t use MSN so this doesn’t concern me that much. But fake or not, Looks pretty okay 😮

  8. frankzotynia10 Says:

    whoahh is right

    fuck MSN

  9. orlandito_colucci Says:

    i love msn here is my email qand lets talk a while ok byebye

  10. Issy Says:

    I Have a hiptop 3 and the MSN log in screen looks just like that!

  11. Valentine Says:

    Just do it: ,

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